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Mission 1 accomplished January 9, 2012

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Bought a pack of 24 blank cards and wrote all the thank you cards I need for now. How’s your first week of resolutions going? I’ve been using to keep track of my goals =) It might help you as well.


2012- To a better world through a better you January 6, 2012

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*Click* *Clack*



HAPPY 2012!

It’s been a ride- this past year; from making myself incredibly vulnerable to superficiality and pettiness to realizing the greatness and a compassion which can coexist in a quiet year. From meeting brilliant minds to keeping my mind brilliant and realizing who my real friends are; 2011 has been the start of yet another incredible journey and one which I’m not ready to finish. Rather, I’ve decided to extend my stay on the planet of reflection, self-love, giving, empowerment and improvement indefinitely. -

And while it’s looking a bit shabby right about now- I dare say I’ve been handed the seeds to change this atmosphere and make it a little brighter. That’s why from this week forward I’ve decided to start a journey that I invite all of you to partake with me. This journey is one of self-discovery and potential inspiration like I’ve never taken before- it’s going to last for at least 5 months and include the following in no particular order.

1 week of silence: So I can get a sense of what it means to listen rather than speak. Our mouths move so much- but have you ever really analyzed what you use your voice for? Is it for self- forwarding, bringing people down, the greater good of society, petty gossip, white lies, ignorant/sexist comments or rather to teach, to acknowledge or to show universal love? Without having the least bit of time to notice our tones or our sense of self, there’s no way to really realize your motive and whether or not it’s how you want to live your life. That’s why for at least one week I’d like to experience first hand what it’s like to listen rather than feeling obliged to speak as I often do.

A vow to be vegan: How is it that we can try to be compassionate, loving beings when we spend so much of our time dependent on the suffering of other beings? From the way they’re treated on their farms during their temporary existence- to their unnecessary, barbaric, terrifying deaths in slaughterhouses; it’s become quite obvious that the life of meat animal is not one which we’d like to lead, so why condone it? Why consume the products of people who aren’t even paid minimum wage, given decent breaks or treated reasonably when all it does is further not only their own suffering but the animal’s, our environment’s as well as our own. Meanwhile we can’t give up meat while condoning the simple use of their udders, their female reproductive organs because it’s sexist. Milk comes from the mammary glands of female animals who have to be regularly impregnated and their babies regularly taken away from them.

Believe me I took a Dairy Science course- this stuff’s real and the sad reality.

SHOCKER!!! The mother’s actually cry for their babies- they become distressed and when they can no longer be used for reproduction, they’re sent to slaughter. Meanwhile their calves, their children are used for either milking or for veal if they’re male.

Sound fair to you?

Oh yeah forgot to mention- most cattle and even chickens can live to be 30 or twenty years old but are typically killed around 5 years old or 8 months old respectively.

30 minutes of meditation once a week and 8 minutes every other day: Caught up in the hustle and bustle of life it’s hard to remember to breathe. That’s why there’s no better way to remember to breathe than to make it your sole purpose for 8 minutes every day. The process may seem pointless if you’ve never tried it before but the calming of the mind known as meditation has not only been proven to increase brain efficiency by Harvard and Cornell Universities but is also incredibly relaxing. However, if you’re a beginner as I am- I would highly recommend starting out with 8 Minute Meditation: Quiet your mind. Change Your Life by Victor Davich and exploring local Buddhist temples. Buddhist temples typically believe more in a sense of self than a sense of salvation and in my experience are more about calm, meditation, self- reflection and bettering through the mind and actions rather than through direct preaching. This makes it ideal for people of all faiths and backgrounds, not to mention they’re typically, very beautiful.

My recommendation- start with the eight minutes a night( no excuses- as Davinch says- it’s the length of a commercial break and you owe it to yourself) and as you get the hang of it( give it five tries at least) push onwards to including one day with thirty minutes. I also highly recommend the book!

No artificial sugar or sweets: It’s hard to imagine our favorite snacks as anything but sweet. Unfortunately, the reality is that sugar and other sweeteners act as inflammatory agents to our bodies and also our arteries. Also the more artificial the sweeter(aka high fructose corn syrup) the more inflammation. Fun times.

Workout once a day( min 15 minutes): Bettering your mind can’t be done without actively bettering your body. Taking in this concept that all of our bodies should be equally honored( no matter the species) and that they are thus, all temples; we need to realize the responsibility of actively taking care of ourselves.

Write Thank You cards: I’ve been the worst about telling people how grateful I am for their presence but let me start with this. No matter where you are at this moment, what has happened to you, what you’ve done- I love you and I hope that you choose to be grateful for all that you can. I also hope that you come to realize as I have, how precious a card is- a letter or gesture of gratitude is.

Become more spiritual

Do one random act of kindness a day- Find Smile(pay it forward cards) on The holidays may be a time for giving and receiving but really what feels better? Giving or receiving? Now be honest, when was the last time you were nice to a stranger, to a person you knew for no good reason other than that they existed? Was it yesterday, a week ago, a month ago, a year ago? Didn’t it feel good?  So why not do it more often? Even a simple gesture can make someone’s day- so do it.

Learn one new word every other day:  We only ever use 10% of our brains and to think that we’d just stop learning and improving ourselves- it’s a scary thought.

Watch one documentary a month:  They’re random, they’re in depth and they’re usually enjoyable. For a wide variety of free documentaries use

Read the New York Times/ The Advocate(local newspaper):  I’m so sick of walking into a room full of men and being ignored because I haven’t actively spoken about politics. I’m sick of being unnoticed by society and by those who assume they know more than me, that’s why I’m determined to constantly learn.

Make an active effort to work towards my goals

Be happy


Now I realize this seems like a lot to accomplish but I’d like to start one week and one thing at a time then add on from there. Stay tuned for which is first =).


The Lucky Ones December 26, 2011

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It occurred to me a little too late that I was in a sketchy part of town. In anticipation of making it to my massage appointment, I had actually gotten off my bus five blocks before my stop- and by the looks of things that was the least of my problems.

If it wasn’t enough that I was young and clearly a college student, I was also wearing a bright pink t- shirt proclaiming that sex-education saves lives; needless to say, I stuck out like a sore thumb in the southern town. Yet, even with my fingers trembling I was convinced that I would be perfectly safe, that I didn’t have to rely on anyone for help. My cell-phone was neatly tucked away in my handbag and my fear was causing me to start talking to myself.  “It’ll be okay Priya, you’ve dealt with 2,000 pound horses, so a dangerous person is nothing to you.” Much like my pride, my pep talks weren’t very helpful but neither was the cooing I received from the next bus stop I contemplated waiting at.

Walking seemed like the only real option since I didn’t see the point in calling for help and so I continued. I went another block and sat down impatiently waiting for the bus next to a cemetery when I first pretended not to notice them.

Two perfectly innocent strangers were walking right towards me but rather than seeing them as helpful I saw them as dangerous. Dingy hair, a banged up eye, crutches and an old back pack were what greeted me as the woman sat down next to me. ” What’s your name?” “Annie” I lied because I was too scared to tell the truth.  “You don’t look like you belong here, where are you headed?” “ I’m trying to get to Corporate Blvd but I got off the bus too early so I’m waiting for the next one. Do you know when it’s coming around?”  “Probably not for another hour but you should really get out of here before that. You’re young and you don’t blend in very well. I’m only helping you because you look like my niece and I can’t see you get hurt. You’re like fresh meat out here.” The woman with stiches over her right eye pulled out her small wallet and showed me a picture of her beautiful niece. ” You look exotic just like her. Isn’t she pretty?” ” She’s gorgeous.” I replied, shocked by the size of her injury as well as the picture of her fully clothed, clearly better off relative. ” So Mike and I are going to walk you to wherever it is you need to go- the bus station is only a few blocks away and you can catch the next bus out there but I want you to be safe.” I could feel my jaw drop,” “Thank you so much.”  “Don’t mention it we don’t want you to get hurt.”

I was blown away by their act of complete kindness and generosity. These were strangers who I had been afraid of but what I really learned instead, was that they were far better, stronger people than I had ever been. In this one moment of kindness these two homeless individuals had so unselfishly taken me three blocks to my destination telling me horror stories that I couldn’t imagine.

The woman had been beaten with a bottle of alcohol after someone snuck into her tent and  the evidence was as clear as the stitches over her eye. The man she was with, Mike never told me his story- he was silent but helpful, mumbling occasionally and walking slowly along with his crutches and his casted arm.

After my agonizingly long wait at the station and being hit on by an elderly man all I could think of was those two people. Those two wonderful people who had in that time made me realize how perpetually incredible and blessed my life is. ” You be careful now, I’m gonna be worried about you all night.” “Thank you both for everything; thank you so much.”  And even after calling my aunt to pick me up from my final destination I couldn’t help the tears from falling down my face.

How could two wonderful people be so incredibly stigmatized against to the point of being untouchable, unnoticeable, absent from every aspect of our lives to the point where we forget about them? Why is it that the first thing I noticed about them was their social economic status rather than their kindred spirits, their kind hearts or their simple humanity?

That common string keeping us together as creatures has gone from being so very inclusive to constantly being cut, separating us based on age, race, gender and now social economic class. Now, the commonality that used to be so standard- our humanity- has changed in such a way that we have to prove our likeness to others just to feel safe, to give us a false sense of security.

The problem lies in the fact that we’ve come to confuse rich and poor, old and young, black and white with good and evil- forgetting that what actually defines us isn’t what we look like but rather what we stand for as I was so humbly taught by Mike and Barbara.


Stop acting StOopid October 9, 2010

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My one pet peeve, the one act that irks me almost more than any other is girls who act stupid. More so, girls who act stupid because they feel like they need to impress guys with their incessent giggling and ” I don’t know”s. Aside from the fact that you shouldn’t want anyone who doesn’t love you for being as crazy and intelligent and passionate about who you are; this discussion also comes from a recent observation which shocked me. As I was sitting in a study room with one of my new college buddies I realized for the second time in my life how stupid I felt sitting next to a boy. Now I realize as a feminist that this is completely improper and ridiculous but as a girl whose grown up around other girls who were always trying their best to get with the well any of the nearby masculine creatures- completely disregarding their own talent; is it really any surprise that part of me always feels insignificant or less so. I’m american, I’m caucasian but all of the images that I’m shown of girls “like myself” are of skimpy, bikini clad “DTF” air heads. Now I have to come right out and say this before people confuse my intentions; I have no problem with women who like having sex on a regular basis I don’t hold a double standard. If that’s how you choose to live your life I’m not a person to judge you but as such I also feel like no one else has that right either. My point is that I want to see women like me who are powerful and lovely and loved as such. I can’t stand watching FOX news anymore because of how they’ve treated their females and the messages that they spread, I can’t stand watching women called bitches because if you knew the original meaning you’d find it offensive, but what I realized most recently was that I can’t stand feeling stupid. I’m not at the top of my class and I do struggle with some of the work but I try, I’m constantly pushing myself to reach my ultimate goal and I make good decisions; as such I’m not stupid. I don’t spend my time getting drunk although I won’t say that I don’t plan on doing it eventually for experimental purposes but I’m not stupid. I’m definitely not stupider than any of the guys down here and no matter what their grade point average-it really doesn’t matter. I shouldn’t FEEL stupid around anyone; now as far as knowing information about certain politicaltopics perhaps I’m under educated and that would be my own fault but that’s true for anyone. Just because I’m a female does not make me any less capable than my male counterparts and my fellow students should feel the same way. The giggling is fine if the joke was actually funny but if it was stupid don’t respond to it by being STOOPID. No male should find that attractive; why on earth WHY would you want someone who can’t think for themselves as your partner? If you wanted a pet get a puppy but if you want a wife, an equal find someone you can have a discussion with-someone to be your best friend and tell the women in your life that their so much more beautiful when they carry themselves with confidence, pride and wit. Personally, I think that there’s nothing sexier than a confident woman and every woman should feel that beautiful-all the time.


Stop the gossip April 15, 2009

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I’ve noticed- and it does take some time to notice such things- that pure arrogance keeps us apart from one another. Job titles, fancy ties, expensive houses, outrageous schooling systems and silly mistakes make us who we are today. Yet, the two adversities that many people can not seem to over come no matter how many other such difficulties have been faced are the adversity of age and species.

Recently I was talking to a man quite a bit older than myself at my workplace, he was telling me about a thirteen year old girl who had begun insulting him and had mentioned how rude young people were becoming. While it’s true to some degree that teenagers have become more “disrespectful” to adults over the years I find more often that adults are more disrespectful to each other than teenagers could ever be. As I get older I watch my parents and other adults attempt to handle their discontent with one another only to discover that their attempts often lean more towards avoiding conflict through gossip than towards actually solving the problem.  Rather teenagers who have problems often approach each other, unafraid of combat and unprepared for retreat. And while confrontation puts many people in an awkward situation- it’s well worth it when it comes to the long run and important situations. Feelings aren’t indirectly hurt and problems are cleared up.

Yet we’d like to think that whatever problems have been created are not faults of our own to begin with. As such, why take the first step to solve these issues that hit our lives like bombshells or maybe like glue guns? The answer is because it makes us better people.

Confrontation helps us to grow, to understand the dynamics of arguments, why they’re not one sided, among other things. And as such, gossiping isn’t the answer and no matter your age- I think you can agree that in such cases it’s just a guilty pleasure and an easy way out of much needed confrontation.


DIY massage February 14, 2009

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I tried this one recently and it got rid of a lot of the extra knots in my shoulders and back.

Take a tennis ball and place it between your back or area of tenderness- and the wall or floor. Apply pressure in a circular motion until the knot it loosened; apply as little to as much pressure as you’d like and take your time.