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I need This April 23, 2011

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Sometimes I’m afraid I’m losing my way, that I’m losing my passion for life, for change, for me and it’s terrifying. I used to be so in love with everything and lately I’m not happy with anything, I’m stressed beyond belief and I can’t even look at myself in the mirror. I’m ashamed and of what, I have absolutely no idea.

Perhaps, it’s my inability to tell myself it’s okay that this is what I’m doing today, all that I’m doing, writing and posting, singing and dancing. I need a break and I’m ashamed to admit it because I feel as though I’ve done nothing. My articles in the paper, my meeting with the chancellor’s wife for an hour and a half long discussion about volunteering and our campus and I feel unaccomplished. Sure, I’ve done a bit but it’s not near enough; I’m nearly twenty and the lack of change I’ve made is appalling to me in my most frustrated state.

I can do more, I can change more, you can change more if we just recognize that we can’t save the world if we don’t save ourselves first. We have to realize that with commitment and determination comes physical and mental exhaustion followed by anguish and eventually emotional exhaustion- look I sound like a robot so let me rephrase this.

It’s time for a frekin break I deserve it and you do to. I’m so TIRED of beating myself up and not loving what I can do, what I am doing because if I don’t I’ll NEVER realize my potential for greatness.

And if I don’t realize it who the hell else will?

So tonight, I’m going to watch a movie on netflix instant, write in my journal, scrap book, listen to music, meditate and fall asleep whenever I feel like it- it’s my time and that’s all I need.


As Alice Paul September 29, 2009

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Testimony: Women’s Convention

                For far too long women have been considered the runts of the litter; few know what went wrong between the matrilineal period of the Native Americans and that which the women of North America had to live through.  There are arguments that the Native Americans were considered lowly and thus, their culture was never appreciated by our own and this seems to be true. Thousands of stories about cowboys and Indians and yet, they all seem to be missing the crux of the problem; women. Since the country’s finding in 1706 by Columbus women have not appreciated equal rights, we adopted the British Culture through which women were subordinate. The men of our states were unhappy to be under the king’s rule and so they rebelled and women supported them as they were told to. Politics were not meant to be of any concern to women- they were granted certain inalienable rights but were held responsible for the family not the country. According to the Evolutionary theory a family is the main unit of government and in respect to this, Harvard graduate Francis Parkman says, “To give the suffrage to women would be to reject [this] principle that has thus far formed the basis of civilized government”

                However, being born and raised by a strong, independent woman I learned how untrue such tidings were. After attending a series of progressive private schools and earning a PH.D in social work I realized that both genders are more than capable of making their own decisions about families as well as politics. The right to vote is as fundamental now as it was then to making national changes but if women couldn’t vote then it wasn’t their country. With this in mind, I began my first job at NAWSA where I was considered too radical- many of my coworkers saw this as alienating. Yet, my goal was not to alienate but to empower and as I watched the presidential campaigns of Woodrow Wilson I became so outraged that I used my radical roots to pull together a large protest of “strong, capable women.” Our audience didn’t seem to understand our outrage at the lack of consideration womankind was given and they were even less understanding about the location and time period during which we protested. I suppose one would say that protesting on a president’s inauguration day during a World War is a little ill-mannered but when the country you’re protesting against is hardly yours; you gain a new perspective. People fought against us, men beat us and the police seldom stopped them but a little political drama never hurt the large picture; a few newspaper articles later and women had finally gained the right to vote.

                A large accomplishment for simply utilizing our first amendment rights and so far they haven’t been utilized enough. Both women and men of this country go about their lives as though the government is as flawless as the first snow flake on Christmas day- but refuse to see how far we have to go. Women in this country are still unequal in the eyes of society because the ERA has yet to pass. This small amendment could achieve respect for women as people rather than the sex objects, and dumb blondes their shown as on television.

But the right to speak up empowers more than women, it could help to stop the poverty that still lies, putrid in our streets, the drugs-rampant and the elderly, from being mistreated. As young people we may think that there’s nothing we can do until we have the right to vote but we are wrong.  Speaking up can do the same thing for our people as it did for Women’s Suffrage: it could empower.


So sick July 23, 2009

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My innards have twisted in the most metaphorical of ways and I’m choking up blood. I’m incapable of running my mouth in a coherent fashion yet I will try. For the past year I’ve come to the realization that I’m being suffocated, that I’ve been suffocated for years now.

Under this government and under the power of this country there’s little to no say for women and as such I feel pulled down. The only interest the media seems to show in any women other than Hilary Clinton or Michelle Obama are Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan. They treasure the women that have money but no power, the women who are virtually invisable to those of us who haven’t lost our sanity. They plod around and they’re beautiful but their true beauty, their honest thoughts are lost in the tabloids and the constant beating of their moral is no good.

The media beats down the very women they treasure but the men stay holy and frankly I’m quite sick of it. The double standards in this country  are quite equivelent to the amount of balogney that we process every year and I’m a vegetarian. It’s time for us as a country to treasure the women that we have rather than push them and pull them in directions that they can’t contort into. I’m speaking of course of the fact that most women are looked at from the perspectives of a man and they are meant to contort to his needs, his expectations, HIS longings even at the smallest. He walks past and even if you don’t know him he acts like he has some control over you. Oh, the arrogance!

While every woman is somewhat able and all too willing I stand up from my figurative desk and put my foot down- no longer will I feel beaten down by the likes of a man. This country will change to respect women and I will make sure of it.


The reason behind the rhyme: why what we buy matters March 15, 2009

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Coca-Cola, Nike,  Cover Girl and even the groceries that millions of people buy everyday are all guilty of  crimes that too many hesitate to recognize; crimes such as child labor and abusive treatment towards animals. And while our country is in the middle of an economic crisis- these problems are getting worse because of the choices that the average American makes on a day to day basis. Our teenagers alone have been noted to consume more than $141 billion and it’s now that the leading consumer nation should make better decisions about where our money goes. The fact of the matter is that cheap products-those clothes that adolescents adore buying from GAP (owners of Old Navy, Banana Republic) and Target, are coming in at the expense of someone else’s suffering.According to UNICEF, an international organization dedicated to uniting the children, “An estimated 158 million children aged 5-14 are engaged in child labor - one in six children in the world.”  This labor may consist of any number of hazardous conditions such as working within mines or dealing with dangerous chemicals and pesticides. But this labor doesn’t exist in only third world or developing countries- child labor exists here in the United States and because of the profit it’s yielding, it may not stop. As mentioned earlier, GAP (owners of Banana Republic, Old Navy) and Target are a few stores that instigate such behavior from its communities, keeping its workers in a never- ending cycle of poverty. Other companies include McDonalds and the Dole Food company. Similarly PETA and other leading animal rights organizations have obtained a surprisingly large list of companies who are not required to test on animals by law, but continue to do so anyway. Many people think, well, as long as it’s not tested on me; however, after undergoing inaccurate animal testing ( as physicians worldwide have noted, animals and people have different tissues and as a result the tests’ results are often invaluable,) the products are then tested on people with varying results. In addition the products are not pharmaceuticals nor are they delectable food items, instead the products most often tested on animals include lip gloss ( Clinique, Maybelline) oven cleaners, shampoos ( Pantene, Herbal Essences), soaps (Dove, Axe, Dial) and cocoa beans. And to make matters worse, the tests that multi-billion dollar companies like Procter and Gamble continue to use is the Draize Eye Irritancy test, forcing rabbits into boxes through which only their heads are exposed and pushing these products into their eyes until 50% have died or passed out. As recorded in the Vernon Coleman’s 2002 newsletter with quotes from physicians working within the health department, “ Despite our best efforts, when human exposures to a chemical entity (such as a drug) occurs, the results do not always come near to what was expected based on animal studies.”But large companies like  Nestle which has made $69 billion in revenue continue to stay in business because of the support they obtain through their consumers and thus, continue producing their products at low prices and making a large profit through the use of child labor and animal testing. There’s nothing like children in foreign countries to help (according to the MisFortune 500 Companies website), “the world’s largest food and beverage company.” Nestle does after all create a wide range of products, from water such as Perrier to Powerbar to Purina, this company’s revenues so clearly don’t dictate underpaying children or abuse towards innocent animals when alternatives are available. For example, paying children a living wage- as adults are paid- could help to relieve that cycle of poverty which causes child labor to begin with. Children in developing countries may become educated and lead wars against other unjust social practices in their communities. And the alternatives to animal testing, for companies that do require it (which are none of those mentioned above) are incredibly advanced and vast. But as with child labor, the sad truth of animal testing is that it’s cheaper than using the alternative.However, this doesn’t have to be the end, as a population that holds pride in its voice we too, can speak up and make a difference simply by being selective. It’s easier than it seems and here are some resources that can help the consumers in this society make the right choice.



Companies with a bad reputation but well known products March 8, 2009

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The following sites contain lists of companies whose products and laws cause harm to the environment, animals, and people internationally.

Animal testing is not required by law for most products and yet it continues to kill thousands- here’s a list of companies that do animal testing as not required by law.

Companies the degrade the environment as well as people internationally

Here are some alternatives

More will be coming shortly


Spreading the love February 14, 2009

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Our society’s cuttent take on Valentine’s Day, the idea that love should be exclusive between two people, sickens me. It’s not that I’m on of those candyheart Naxis that despise romantic comedies; instead it’s this concept that on this one day, we celebrate love as a unit consisting of two people rather than the entire world, that’s what disgust me.

Hallmark must hav ea blast when it comes time to bust out those pink-wrapper candies and mushy cards because in our imaginations we all see that perfec someone but never alone, always holding a bouquet of roses, chocolate or a card. The truth is that person is no longer enough. Before, when love was less artificial and less based off of the media, love came without the add-ons and people were happy simply being next to one another. And even though times have changed, the idea that we should need no other than the ones we love should remain.

But on this point, love shouldn’t be saved for a single day of the year; we should we should cherish everyone we know year round. Aside from uplifting others and making them feel special. it’s this kind of unconditional love that brings out the best in all of us. Recently , I had a very tedious argument with a close friend of mine. She accused me of not caring and I accused her of goodness knows what. The background to this weeklong e-mailing spree is unimportant for it’s the argument itself that everyone can relate to. For one reason or another we all mess up and well argue. However it’s what we do after our fights that matters, not their context. Ultimately, it was this epiphany that allowed me to forgive her for while I had been angry with her, as a friend I should have been more understanding. In the end it’s these fights that lead to growth in the character of people and that led to my own growth as a friend.

As Emily Dickinson puts it ,” My friends are my estate.” And thus, they are the ones that give our trees the most fruit. Although some romances end because of one argument, the strongest friendships withstand the world crashing down- now that’s something that desrves celebration on Feb. 14. It’s the spreading of this sort of love around that world that our society should look towards and so should you.


“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed” Adolf Hitler August 21, 2008

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If you haven’t already taken a look at this petition I urge you to do so and if you agree with it sign it. If not leave any comments that you have with me at

Once again this is an actual campaign backed by an actual organization (media watch) ( check out This petition will be sent along with a 10 minute interview that was recently recorded in light of this band. The interview was taped by ex model and co founder of mediawatch Ann Simonton and it includes Sally Green one of the program managers for Girls For a Change a national organization that empowers young women as well as me now up for position on National Board of Directors. It will later include several opinions of men as well and will then be sent to Geffen Records the main sponsor for Girlicious.

This is a worthy cause because it seems as if the world has had enough media junk. Check out these statistics

-Media do not accurately reflect the gender balance in the American population (51 percent women, 49 percent men).

According to the Girls Incorporated Media Literacy Board…


-frequent music video viewing can be a risk factor for weight concerns among girls and young women.

One content analysis of 21 popular young women’s magazine

covers showed that 78 percent contained a message about

bodily appearance. None (0%) of young men’s magazines

contained such messages. Also, 26 percent of women’s

magazine covers contained conflicting messages (e.g.,

a message about losing weight next to a cookie recipe)

regarding weight loss and dietary habits.18

-A 1999 poll of 8- to 18- year-olds found that Audio media make up 28 percent of the average girl’s and 20 percent of the average boy’s media usage.

Please vote now. In the case of Girlicious all of these statistics apply

Go to the website, vote and forward the link to your friends.


Public Displays of Affection August 20, 2008

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There’s something to be said for the couple that kisses in the middle of the road. The couple that holds hands and makes puckered faces at each other all the while walking past plenty of other happy civilians. But I can’t quite find the words.

Part of me finds this practice disturbing, why must your private bussiness become public? Why on earth should the rest of us suffer because of your happiness. Children walking down the street with their parents face a bitter and awkward moment as the couple that was hugging two minutes ago, continues to hug. Parents try not to stare and singles roll their eyes even though most of them are joyous all by themselves.

While many of us don’t need someone there’s still a word to describe public displays of affection. While many of us don’t need anyone but would love someone to talk to, the couples continue to flourish and enjoy their lives. The breakups continue yet the word.

That single word that I’m looking for; the one on the tip of my tongue. Well it remains useless as it hesitates to come pouring out.

And what’s to be said of that couple. The one that will break up, make up and endure above all, aside from disgust is a word that captures their state of being perfectly.

Rapturous. Full of feeling and in love are what they are. But it hinders the rest of us does it not?

Somehow seeing someone else so caught up makes me nauseous just because they could be doing so much more with their lives. However, I realize now that the love keeps them alive in a way. It keeps our souls from dying out and rotting and it gives us a way to make the world a better place. After all if we all hated each other what kind of world would that make this?

A horrid one where nothing got accomplished. So I say this, of the couple kissing in the middle of the road; let them be. Let them love and let them lose; let them experience. For it is the experiences of the world that make us so rich.


Disrupt the Trend August 13, 2008

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Typing on a computer had never been so easy, my hands never so agile as they were on those keys and then she said it. The words hit me like a Freight train; fast and hard. ” I’m not doing anything with my life, I’ll just marry rich and have it all provided for me.” She said that. One of the most intelligent young women I had met, one with an extensive vocabulary and the most bizarrely beautiful mind I had ever known. She said that and suddenly I stopped typing.

” What?” She paused and gazed at me as if I had a hearing disability of some kind. ” I don’t want to be like you I want to get married.” What was that supposed to mean? Her tone didn’t suggest anything similar to a slight. ” Yes that’s all good and well but still. What will you do with your life aside from getting married? Just sit around?” She continued to look at me, completely serious. ” Yep.” ” But you’re so intelligent why?” The conversation continued for about five more minutes with her concluding that she was stupid and thus would need to get a man.

I was completely taken aback, astonished that such a blossoming young woman would consider herself in such a negative manner. I understand and understood at the time that only 23% of young women actually loved themselves but I never thought of self-loathing as the excessive luxury that it now is.

Why is that? Why is it that women everywhere, women and men alike have created a society where an absurd amount of modesty means that a woman can no longer say that she loves herself? Why is it that when a lady is in a circle of friends and the topic happens to magically dance onto diets that if you’re not on one you’re bragging?

Personally I believe that we’re all beautiful in our own ways and if some guy can’t see that then that’s his problem but if you can’t see it then you’re in way deeper than you know. After all the first step to any form of satisfaction is to love yourself.


Girlicious April 12, 2008

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Like many reality shows, Girlicious advertises sex but in addition it also promotes the objectifying of an entire gender and so much more…

Reasons to get Girlicous off the air

1)      For decades women have been fighting to be seen as equals not slabs of meat and this show does just the opposite, showing that women are no good for anything other than our bodies.

2)      The women in the show are not average sized women and like the skinny women in other shows, the side-effects that the bodies of these tiny women cause low self-esteem and a strong dislike for oneself in children as low as 7

3)      Like any other program that sells sex; it supports the trafficking of humans. Children being stolen from homes to become prostitutes. Stop supporting the sex industry ant they’ll stop trafficking.

Call the number of the supporting studios and complain:

(310) 278-9010