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Repelling the Landfill January 14, 2011

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Clutching my weapon of choice close to my body I prepared myself for a battle I found myself facing on a weekly basis; a battle of wits and intelligence in which my opponents would take no prisoners. They were far too clever to play any foolish games instead they relied on my own personal will and lack of knowledge to pull me into a dark cave of guilt and nasty lies. Every week I face these foul fiends and every week they tell me to choose between blue or black- to choose between a renewed life and one that could scar my friends and family for generations to come. Holding my weapon tighter I face my first enemy cloaked in blue and confess to him that I do not know how to utilize my weapon against him and toss it reluctantly into the deep black garbage bag belonging to my second fiend, walking away, aching for new knowledge with which to defeat my enemies. If only I could say that I am alone in my defeat against the rowdy recycling bin and the grouchy garbage can, then perhaps, I wouldn’t feel so terrible in my quest for environmental sanctuary throughout the world (or at least the university). But the fact of the matter is that if I’m unwilling to acknowledge the consequences of my actions, chances are you’re in the same boat. Unfortunately for all of us, these consequences are costing us a great deal of additional resources; in 2005 the Container Recycling Institute recorded that for every 2 million tons of bottles and cans that were wasted instead of recycled, 18 million barrels of crude oil equivalent were consumed. In essence, as stated by, recycling your Rock Star saves 95% of the energy needed to produce a new can. With all of the blue bins surrounding our beautiful campus this is not the time for excuses but rather a time for action. As intelligent college students it’s about time we take charge of the way we manage our waste on campus. But the question of the hour is how will the campus manage our waste? There have been rumors that LSU’s single stream recycling system mixes the garbage and the recyclables together, only to separate them at the Waste Management Center. This could not be further from the truth, Andres Harris head of LSU Recycles says that, “Single stream recycling means that all the recycling materials, Cardboard/mix paper, plastic containers, aluminum/tin/steel cans go into the same recycling dumpster, not TRASH. The recycling foundation is the company in charge of servicing the 100 green dumpsters we have on campus. Another company (SDT) is in charge of empting the trash dumpsters.” In fact, LSU Recycles which became more aggressive in 2003 after implementing a Recycling Management head has collected over 1240 tons of recyclable beverage containers. And while the number is a great improvement from the beginnings of the LSU recycling program it’s not enough if the students haven’t the slightest clue about recycling. While every recycling bin has a clear cut description of what should be disposed of and what should be reduced, reused and recycled, the fact of the matter is students are still clueless about the difference between a number 2 recyclable and a cardboard container. Freshman Hannah Paul states,” I’m always unsure and end up throwing things away just in case and I’m sure I’m not the only one” Although LSU Recycles takes a firm stand on reducing waste; it will never be able to become fully efficient unless it gains the interest of the students teaching us about the importance of our actions and why we should long to defeat our ferocious landfill foes.


What I learned from Wrestling May 22, 2009

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Looking back at the Hih School wrestling photos I notice that the entire team consisted of boys with the exception of myself. I quickly recall the difficulties of fitting in, the ignorant comments, the jokes that made even me laugh but most importantly I recall the insight that those four months gave me, not only into myself but also into the minds of my 14 male team mates.

I want to say I was inspired by their courage, their constant pushing to go down a weight class. I want to say that in a way, their tears and frustration were eye-opening- and yet, I hesitate. The truth is that I was astounded by their willingness to change for someone else, to push themselves to a point of no return. I was hurt by their inseciryties and seemlingly low self-esteem because I had come to realize that I was in the same boat. Practices pushed us to sweat like pigs in a sauna and to think like a team. But I couldn’t think like a boy, my mind was in a pretzel wondering if my social experiement was costing me more than I gained, more than the insight I had craved. As I heard the “locker room” talk I remember playing the role of the police woman, ” Hello?!” wondering where all the vagina talk came from, asking questions, searching for answers and trying to avoid becoming the pinup girl for our school’s all boy team.

I never really did find them though- the answers that is. However, I did realize that the roles we pretend to play-male and female, they’re not black and white. I had seen teenage boys become as self-conscious as the “average” teen girl trying on her prom dress amongst a room full of mirrors. But these roles are also not grey. The simple realization I had come across is that gender isn’t a matter of attitude or state of being. It’s a matter of pure physiological endowment and the rest is left up to us.


Public Displays of Affection August 20, 2008

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There’s something to be said for the couple that kisses in the middle of the road. The couple that holds hands and makes puckered faces at each other all the while walking past plenty of other happy civilians. But I can’t quite find the words.

Part of me finds this practice disturbing, why must your private bussiness become public? Why on earth should the rest of us suffer because of your happiness. Children walking down the street with their parents face a bitter and awkward moment as the couple that was hugging two minutes ago, continues to hug. Parents try not to stare and singles roll their eyes even though most of them are joyous all by themselves.

While many of us don’t need someone there’s still a word to describe public displays of affection. While many of us don’t need anyone but would love someone to talk to, the couples continue to flourish and enjoy their lives. The breakups continue yet the word.

That single word that I’m looking for; the one on the tip of my tongue. Well it remains useless as it hesitates to come pouring out.

And what’s to be said of that couple. The one that will break up, make up and endure above all, aside from disgust is a word that captures their state of being perfectly.

Rapturous. Full of feeling and in love are what they are. But it hinders the rest of us does it not?

Somehow seeing someone else so caught up makes me nauseous just because they could be doing so much more with their lives. However, I realize now that the love keeps them alive in a way. It keeps our souls from dying out and rotting and it gives us a way to make the world a better place. After all if we all hated each other what kind of world would that make this?

A horrid one where nothing got accomplished. So I say this, of the couple kissing in the middle of the road; let them be. Let them love and let them lose; let them experience. For it is the experiences of the world that make us so rich.


Breaking the Ice August 19, 2008

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It has occurred to me a long while ago that ice cream is not the healthiest dinner in the world. It’s divine creamy goodness just doesn’t quite surpass the consequences that a few bites can come with.

The lactose lining your intestines, the cholesterol building within your arteries, yet I continue to eat it. Not often, but on occasion I’ll take a few bites out of the carton and toss it back in the freezer unsatisfied to say the least but unwilling to go back for more.

The texture makes me happy, creamy against my palet yet I don’t eat it for the taste, nor do I eat it for the pleasant consequences that I will feel after.

No I eat ice cream as a form of rebellion. Yes, rebellion. There’s nothing like a person eating comfort food especially a woman and not feeling bad about herself after, to scream rebellion.

And it’s about time. It’s about time that anyone and everyone all around the world, male or female enjoy their lives, eating what we want without worrying that we’ll never look like that person on TV. After all statistics taken by various college media studies groups suggest that 25% of actors or actresses were below average size.

Yet, no one seems to believe it. According to a UK health group’s statistic 19% of people were over weight but 69% of people reportedly wanted to lose weight despite their average sizes.

All I’m saying is that it’s time for the world to hang up their obsession with looking like rockstars and it’s time for us to take a stance. It’s time for us to rebel and love ourselves for what and who we are.


Not beating around the bush August 15, 2008

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People don’t want to be told how to live and by all means I’m not doing that. These are suggestions for what’s come to be known as a better way of life. A more substancial and less consequencial life.  And while we’re alive why not help the planet out while helping ourselves out? If we have the opportunity to help the world that we all live on then why on earth don’t we?

Tactful Feedback is always welcome.


Disrupt the Trend August 13, 2008

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Typing on a computer had never been so easy, my hands never so agile as they were on those keys and then she said it. The words hit me like a Freight train; fast and hard. ” I’m not doing anything with my life, I’ll just marry rich and have it all provided for me.” She said that. One of the most intelligent young women I had met, one with an extensive vocabulary and the most bizarrely beautiful mind I had ever known. She said that and suddenly I stopped typing.

” What?” She paused and gazed at me as if I had a hearing disability of some kind. ” I don’t want to be like you I want to get married.” What was that supposed to mean? Her tone didn’t suggest anything similar to a slight. ” Yes that’s all good and well but still. What will you do with your life aside from getting married? Just sit around?” She continued to look at me, completely serious. ” Yep.” ” But you’re so intelligent why?” The conversation continued for about five more minutes with her concluding that she was stupid and thus would need to get a man.

I was completely taken aback, astonished that such a blossoming young woman would consider herself in such a negative manner. I understand and understood at the time that only 23% of young women actually loved themselves but I never thought of self-loathing as the excessive luxury that it now is.

Why is that? Why is it that women everywhere, women and men alike have created a society where an absurd amount of modesty means that a woman can no longer say that she loves herself? Why is it that when a lady is in a circle of friends and the topic happens to magically dance onto diets that if you’re not on one you’re bragging?

Personally I believe that we’re all beautiful in our own ways and if some guy can’t see that then that’s his problem but if you can’t see it then you’re in way deeper than you know. After all the first step to any form of satisfaction is to love yourself.


WOrds to know March 26, 2008

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SMIle: it’s that thing you do when you’re truly happy

- More importantly if you’ve heard the phrase make love not war; similarly there’s the phrase spread joy not tears. Better is the question; A mood is contagious, is yours worth catching?

Dead word: Fun, done, big, large There’s a big over DONE world of vocabulary out there and if you’re still using these FUN words then you will impress no one…

LOVE: It’s lovely to have friends and to feel the way you do about another person but to show public displays of affection can spread sadness and uncomfort to other people that may not be jealous but just don’t enjoy you making out in front of their apartment. Love is wonderful but remember, there are other things that are wonderful too along with your significant other. TOgether with your love and each other, both of you can save our world.


Letting Go of the Fear of Failure February 20, 2008

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Having heard many motivational speakers in my day, the one phrase that has stuck with me for the longest bit of time goes something like this; ” Why fear failure? Fear not failure, but fear the fear itself. For to fear failure to give up entirely, to fear failure is to not even try, to just stop in our tracks and wait to be gobbled up by some nameless thing.” And is that not true? All of it? We should not fear failure for we live to fail and get back up.

And to continue this conversation I ask What is success? Is it to do everything you can and get everything you ever wanted? Or is it to do everything you could and still have a tad bit of trouble getting what you could? We don’t fear success, success is giving our all and being happy with the results at the end of the day. Yet, we fear not being happy after we have given it our all; we fear that for some unknown reason with all of this nonsense surrounding our lives, if we don’t hit that point then gosh darn it, it doesn’t even matter. But the truth is, it does matter, having even made it to that point is a success, giving your all on any occasion calls for a round of applause, a pat on the back if you will. And when we don’t feel as we’ve given it our all then we need to go back and try again. See, it’s not the fear of failure that we have, it’s the fear that our all will not be enough for this world, for this particular situation; and what’s the worse that can happen? I ask because I genuinely care what’s the worse? In some cases it’s pretty bad and yet, would it not be worse if you hadn’t tried at all? Or if you tried your best? If you don’t try you may very well regret it for the rest of your life. So, try your best in any occasion. Try your best to comfort, your best to relax, your best to succeed whatever that may be. However, you decide to try your best, fear not failing, for even if it doesn’t become what you may have hoped for; there’s always a reason for it. There’s always a lesson and in such cases you can either suffer for awhile, push it out of your system, smile, laugh, and pick yourself up, or you can find another way to succeed.


Excuses January 28, 2008

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Free yourself from something that will only harm you in the long run; excuses. The minute you make one not only does it make you feel a little guilty but it also shows that you have a lack of responsibility. If you’re late to work don’t tell your boss that the traffic was the reason you were late, you had been on time before and you knew the typical traffic for that particular time, instead tell your boss that you’ll try to make it so that it doesn’t happen again. This shows a sense of responsibility that could definately help you. Your boss is probably a very busy person and wasting her or his time with a  long explanation doesn’t help either of you. Your boss is not your parent, not as forgiving, and not as interested in how exactly your day is going. Instead they want things to the point and done. By stopping the way we blame everything else from traffic to the line at your favorite tea or coffeeshop, we detach ourselves from unneeded things and release a heavy burden. In the end by deleting excuses from our daily regimen, we both feel better and become more responsible, more mature human beings. And when we become such, we are officially then and only then, at the liberty of helping others, after we have first helped ourselves.



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The key to living in this world is happiness. It sounds essential, even a bit too essential, so why is everyone so unhappy? It’s often that we take things for granted, we consider nothing as if it could be gone tomorrow, when indeed it very well could be gone tomorrow. And in doing so we sacrafice a bit of ourselves in the process. Now imagine this, imagine yourself walking around and pieces of yourself are falling off of you and onto the cold, hard ground. This could very well make you quite unhappy and essentially this is what happens when we take things for granted. So, how do we stop this cycle of violence towards ourselves? No, it’s not merely by considering everything we are given, but also by giving back; giving back to the animal shelter, schools, and first and foremost to your body. Another great way to realize what you have is by fasting once every month. Not a water fast or anything dangerous that you have not done before, something simple. Try, for instance giving up your TV for a day, or bread, or perhaps talking. By doing so, you’re being grateful for what you have and what others don’t, a definate key to happiness.