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United Arabic Emirates Dubai December 21, 2009

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Free advice and calculator.

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Legalizing Prostitution: The issue at large July 23, 2009

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When most women look at prostitutes we don’t know what to think. Should we support women who are sexually active and happy about it? Should we allow them to live their lives when it negatively influences others and thus, grant them the protection and watch of the government on their jobs?

Personally, I’m split. On the one hand these women deserve the protection that their jobs- whether they chose them or not- do not give them. However, on the other hand by legalizing prostitution we are saying that it’s alright with this country that you want to make money by selling your body. While it protects those that chose to become prostitutes- legalizing this job does not protect those who are being trafficked. Another problem though, is that our law enforcement officers are having trouble enough keeping track of the crimes already taking place; will they have the ability, the work force to track down and maintain these crimes as well? I think not.

It may bring them more to the surface but it could also have the opposite effect. In addition the legalization of prostitution may allow welfare programs to tell the unemployed that prostitution is an option.

It’s best to look at it from both perspectives.


October is… October 5, 2008

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Vegetarian Awareness Month

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

National Infertility Awareness Month

as well as National Down Syndrome Awareness Month and Naitonal Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Month

I urge you to research just one of these topics and find out more. Become more aware, it keeps us from becoming ignorant.


Not beating around the bush August 15, 2008

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People don’t want to be told how to live and by all means I’m not doing that. These are suggestions for what’s come to be known as a better way of life. A more substancial and less consequencial life.  And while we’re alive why not help the planet out while helping ourselves out? If we have the opportunity to help the world that we all live on then why on earth don’t we?

Tactful Feedback is always welcome.


Disrupt the Trend August 13, 2008

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Typing on a computer had never been so easy, my hands never so agile as they were on those keys and then she said it. The words hit me like a Freight train; fast and hard. ” I’m not doing anything with my life, I’ll just marry rich and have it all provided for me.” She said that. One of the most intelligent young women I had met, one with an extensive vocabulary and the most bizarrely beautiful mind I had ever known. She said that and suddenly I stopped typing.

” What?” She paused and gazed at me as if I had a hearing disability of some kind. ” I don’t want to be like you I want to get married.” What was that supposed to mean? Her tone didn’t suggest anything similar to a slight. ” Yes that’s all good and well but still. What will you do with your life aside from getting married? Just sit around?” She continued to look at me, completely serious. ” Yep.” ” But you’re so intelligent why?” The conversation continued for about five more minutes with her concluding that she was stupid and thus would need to get a man.

I was completely taken aback, astonished that such a blossoming young woman would consider herself in such a negative manner. I understand and understood at the time that only 23% of young women actually loved themselves but I never thought of self-loathing as the excessive luxury that it now is.

Why is that? Why is it that women everywhere, women and men alike have created a society where an absurd amount of modesty means that a woman can no longer say that she loves herself? Why is it that when a lady is in a circle of friends and the topic happens to magically dance onto diets that if you’re not on one you’re bragging?

Personally I believe that we’re all beautiful in our own ways and if some guy can’t see that then that’s his problem but if you can’t see it then you’re in way deeper than you know. After all the first step to any form of satisfaction is to love yourself.


Girlicious April 12, 2008

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Like many reality shows, Girlicious advertises sex but in addition it also promotes the objectifying of an entire gender and so much more…

Reasons to get Girlicous off the air

1)      For decades women have been fighting to be seen as equals not slabs of meat and this show does just the opposite, showing that women are no good for anything other than our bodies.

2)      The women in the show are not average sized women and like the skinny women in other shows, the side-effects that the bodies of these tiny women cause low self-esteem and a strong dislike for oneself in children as low as 7

3)      Like any other program that sells sex; it supports the trafficking of humans. Children being stolen from homes to become prostitutes. Stop supporting the sex industry ant they’ll stop trafficking.

Call the number of the supporting studios and complain:

(310) 278-9010


Fairness isn’t just handed to you March 14, 2008

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Many people “tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death.” Instead what they should be doing is making the world a better place for themselves and others. When someone sees something that’s wrong they should take the appropriate measures to stop it from happening again. Make everyone’s day a little brighter if not for their sake for the sake of another person that may be affected by a chain reaction. Remember to begin small but think large and one day soon you will get there.