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Merit: Fantastic service, fantastic food August 13, 2009

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Of all the restaurants I’ve been to, this vegan vietnamese family run place really hits the spot. Whether your searching for some sweet and sour soup with bamboo or some vegan german chocolate cake; they’ve got it! The food comes quickly and it’s relatively cheap.

Here’s the website


Love your flaws August 10, 2009

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Check this lovely pro-femme website out. It’s all about loving your flaws, no matter your age,your race or your size- essential to any young woman or man out there.


Up July 14, 2009

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Pixar is really moving mountains with its underlying messages in the recently released Up. A film about an elderly man who has lost not only his wife but also his freedom- Up briefly exposes the tragedy that our elderly see when they are treated no longer as humans but as animals. Nursing homes and Medicare can only go so far –it’s time for our society to stop treating the elderly as dispensable. Rather than acting as if only disgust comes with age, only wrinkles and crow’s feet; we should consider the knowledge that our elders hold onto.

Sewing, crocheting and old war stories are the moments when I realize that some day I hope to be able to pass my memories onto a willing ear. Perhaps not a child or even a grand child, but just someone who is open to listening to a human being who has undergone the happiness and tragedies that he or she will also undergo.  Praise should be given to a film that expresses with such bluntness what is off in our society.  


Check her out October 29, 2008

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Publisher, rapper and owner of her own record company is UK’s own Estelle

here’s a link to one of her songs


Disrupt the Trend August 13, 2008

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Typing on a computer had never been so easy, my hands never so agile as they were on those keys and then she said it. The words hit me like a Freight train; fast and hard. ” I’m not doing anything with my life, I’ll just marry rich and have it all provided for me.” She said that. One of the most intelligent young women I had met, one with an extensive vocabulary and the most bizarrely beautiful mind I had ever known. She said that and suddenly I stopped typing.

” What?” She paused and gazed at me as if I had a hearing disability of some kind. ” I don’t want to be like you I want to get married.” What was that supposed to mean? Her tone didn’t suggest anything similar to a slight. ” Yes that’s all good and well but still. What will you do with your life aside from getting married? Just sit around?” She continued to look at me, completely serious. ” Yep.” ” But you’re so intelligent why?” The conversation continued for about five more minutes with her concluding that she was stupid and thus would need to get a man.

I was completely taken aback, astonished that such a blossoming young woman would consider herself in such a negative manner. I understand and understood at the time that only 23% of young women actually loved themselves but I never thought of self-loathing as the excessive luxury that it now is.

Why is that? Why is it that women everywhere, women and men alike have created a society where an absurd amount of modesty means that a woman can no longer say that she loves herself? Why is it that when a lady is in a circle of friends and the topic happens to magically dance onto diets that if you’re not on one you’re bragging?

Personally I believe that we’re all beautiful in our own ways and if some guy can’t see that then that’s his problem but if you can’t see it then you’re in way deeper than you know. After all the first step to any form of satisfaction is to love yourself.


Jesus Camp July 9, 2008

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A very well put together documentry about Evangelical Christians and indoctrination. This film had me skeptical in the beginning but it kept me watching only to feel my mouth fall open and turn into a gaping hole. It was masterfully created and an outsider can truly see the world of theses homeschooled children that happen to have been as the Christian radio caster saw it “brain washed”.

It gives one a good look at how this religion works and into the lives of people that have very strong ethics; whether we agree with them or not.

This documentary definately rocks our world. 



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This movie about a sweet but lonely robot is a must see. Though Pixar has let many viewers down before with movies such as Cars, Wall-E tells the tale of our planet in just a few decades. It shows what happens when we all stop doing something with our ethics and as a result we end up trashing our planet and being run by one extremely large coporation.

But aside from the social issues that Wall-E brings about, it also, as many movies do, gives us a taste of love. Yes the robot falls in love but if you only think of this particularly articulate character as a robot then not only are you being quite a churl but you’re going to miss out on some of the best scenes in this film. Many of the people I went with said they couldn’t grasp the idea of two electronics falling in love which is why I told them, ” You mustn’t look at it that way. If you pay more attention to their personalities and who they are rather than what they are then you’ll enjoy the movie and forget about many stereotypes along the way.”

If you can do this then your set for a genuinely good movie.

P.S: Just a thought: Remember why Racism, Sexism and Speciesm are wrong, it’s because one can not make assumptions about a creature based on their race, sex, or species.