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Excuses January 28, 2008

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Free yourself from something that will only harm you in the long run; excuses. The minute you make one not only does it make you feel a little guilty but it also shows that you have a lack of responsibility. If you’re late to work don’t tell your boss that the traffic was the reason you were late, you had been on time before and you knew the typical traffic for that particular time, instead tell your boss that you’ll try to make it so that it doesn’t happen again. This shows a sense of responsibility that could definately help you. Your boss is probably a very busy person and wasting her or his time with a  long explanation doesn’t help either of you. Your boss is not your parent, not as forgiving, and not as interested in how exactly your day is going. Instead they want things to the point and done. By stopping the way we blame everything else from traffic to the line at your favorite tea or coffeeshop, we detach ourselves from unneeded things and release a heavy burden. In the end by deleting excuses from our daily regimen, we both feel better and become more responsible, more mature human beings. And when we become such, we are officially then and only then, at the liberty of helping others, after we have first helped ourselves.



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The key to living in this world is happiness. It sounds essential, even a bit too essential, so why is everyone so unhappy? It’s often that we take things for granted, we consider nothing as if it could be gone tomorrow, when indeed it very well could be gone tomorrow. And in doing so we sacrafice a bit of ourselves in the process. Now imagine this, imagine yourself walking around and pieces of yourself are falling off of you and onto the cold, hard ground. This could very well make you quite unhappy and essentially this is what happens when we take things for granted. So, how do we stop this cycle of violence towards ourselves? No, it’s not merely by considering everything we are given, but also by giving back; giving back to the animal shelter, schools, and first and foremost to your body. Another great way to realize what you have is by fasting once every month. Not a water fast or anything dangerous that you have not done before, something simple. Try, for instance giving up your TV for a day, or bread, or perhaps talking. By doing so, you’re being grateful for what you have and what others don’t, a definate key to happiness.


Start it Yourself January 13, 2008

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Let’s face it; no one’s going to be able to voice your opinion like you. So why haven’t you done it yet? Or better yet why did you believe in it in the first place? Your opinion is the only thing that really sets you apart in this world. Rather than following the rules, rather than rebelling, changing, persuading with YOUR voice is what sets you apart.

Anyone can protest but it takes a real individual to change…

Are you ready to change?


Be Opinionated January 8, 2008

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Your passion, your new-found bread and “butter” is of little use if you do not share it with the world. You may not even feel ready to explain how you feel about certain topics to friends and family yet but that’s alright. It’s understandable to remain unsure of your passion for perhaps a week or so. However, after this time has passed it is your responsibility as an individual to truly unearth the pros and cons of your topic. Whether, it be Animal i, World Hunger, or Child Labor, be knowledgeable about it.n People respect some-one’s point of view much more if it’s one based on education . And with this new-found or perhaps merely newly acknowledged education comes with it the ability to nip any opposing arguments in the back side and thus, influence someone or even a room full of people. Change the world with your voice.Speak up for what you believe in and you will save the world.


History in the Making January 7, 2008

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“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

This infamous saying is in one word, true. History is how we came to be and the future is who we are becoming. Without both, the equation to our lives and to the world is not only incomplete but left forever unsolved. In addition History and all of it’s memoirs can change the world forever. An example of such resides in the tumbling of the twin towers, much like the bomb thrown to Pearl Harbor. If our wondrous leader had noted such things then perhaps we would not currently be at war. But not all of us are leaders that can impact the world with every word that we say. The majority of us, are just what we’d like to call “average” which is a term, I wish to only use in quotations due to the potential of any “average” person to be indeed, above “average”. Yet, if we do not have such an impact on the world, then what good; what use is history to us? It is the use of anyone and everyone for if you look at your obstacles , those which you may believe are impossible to pass. Chances are with so many people having written memoirs and what  not, a predicament very similar to yours has occurred; if you only knew that your pain, your happiness has been felt somewhere by someone else, wouldn’t that change something? If you found a way to better  the outcome, ending such pain, marking such happiness by remembering the histories of others; why wouldn’t you do it?


Non-violent Protests January 3, 2008

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Non-Violent Protests are a great way to express your viewpoints and show your enthusiasm.

Here are some sites with general information about protests…


When looking for dates of protests the first step is to find a large organization that supports your beliefs then visit their website or other archive and view the dates of their protests

other options include merely telling friends to boycott certain items in which you do not support.

(Note: If Child Labor seems to be what you’re passionate about, boycotting items created by child laborers will not help but rather hinder the majority of the children. These children may be beaten or wounded more than usual due to their products not being sold)

If you’re looking to create your own protests make sure that you’re following the laws within your community about street protests as to minimize the chances of being jailed. You may go to your city hall to find such information or a person in power. If however, it is the power that you are protesting; the government etc., then it may or may not matter. Just make sure to stand for your cause.

P.S: Before Protesting

  • make sure to know the laws of your city about protesting
  • know both sides of your cause you should be able to answer any questions that people have without passing judgment and while still supporting your cause.

(NOTE: This information’s accuracy may vary depending on where you reside, make sure to double-check what needs to be done to create or be a part of a protest)


Let your food be COMPASSIONATE. Part I Factory Farming versus Family Farming; A Step. January 2, 2008

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After all you are what you eat.

From the beginning of time people have eaten meat so why not now? Why is it that meat should or should not take place in cushioning our modern society?

Well the truth of the matter,one that many people have come to know of or heard of before is this; meat comes from animals. It’s a basic fact, an animal had to die in order for its meat to be eaten. But what many people fail to realize is that there are indeed different kinds of meat. No I’m not talking about pork and beef, chicken and turkey; I’m talking about Factory Farming versus Family Farming.

Family Farming

  • where many people believe there food comes from
  • often small farms that kill there animals humanely and feed them properly
  • can be searched for online
  • with a lack of hormones and additives; it’s healthier.
  • going out of business due to Factory farms also known as Industrialized farming
  • may or may not create a large amount of the product
  • not focused on excess production but rather on the animals

Factory or Industrialized Farming

  • keeps animals in compact areas, so small they can hardly turn around
  • keeps animals alive by means of antibiotics and other hormones in order to keep them from the diseases that can easily be spread in such compact space; it seems great that at least they’re being fed antibiotics to keep them from getting sick but in reality this isn’t such a wonderful thing. Consider this: within the bodies of our “meat” animals(animals whose whole lives are based around dying for food) bacteria and germs are becoming antibiotic resistant making it easier for them to jump from species to species. How is it that such things as Mad Cow Disease and The Avian Flu, come to be so difficult to get rid of?
  • Animals are often fed the remains of other animals that did not make it to the slaughter house. These animals may be diseased but are still fed to members of other species. However, this was not always so; before Mad Cow Disease cows were fed portions of other cows. These cows as well as other animals( the live ones) have been drugged to eat anything and everything in order to gain weight at outrageous speeds. Yet, after the disease has become apparent? What are the animals fed now on such “farms”? They’re fed not members of their own species but of other species; cows for instance may not eat cow anymore but instead horse, pig, chicken, and goat among many others.
  • In order for mass production to take place, animals are slaughtered as soon as possible and because production is more important than the safety and humane slaughtering of the animals. The Humane Slaughtering Act is neither recognized nor enforced endangering both workers and making slaughter extremely gruesome for animals. Many of these creatures though they’re supposed to be rendered unconscious, arrive at the stickers( those that cut the throats of the animals), then the leggers ( those that cut off the legs of the animals and switch them from a shackle to a meat hook stuck into their ankles), while still completely alive and moving.

Discovering Your Passion January 1, 2008

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It’s the most important thing that you can do, both for yourself and for the world; after all if you don’t have a reason to wake up in the morning life can be a bit vapid can it not?

Here are some steps to discover what makes you tick( Different steps work for different people)

Experiment with different topics and choose something that tickles your soul

  1. Think about what makes you angry and attempt to ask yourself why it bothers you so much.
  2. Consider your role model, why is it that you look up to them?
  3. What were or what are your larger than life goals? These limitless goals can lift you up and lead you to see things in a whole different perspective.
  4. What makes you feel good about yourself? Why is it that it make you feel this way?

Examples of what you can do with such passions(corresponding with above numbers)

  1. If littering for instance makes you angry and the excess amount that exist in your community truly vexes you, then here are examples of what you could do…
  • Lead by example and pick up any trash that you happen to see by perhaps taking your daily walk or jog
  • Form a group made up of people you know and make a pact to go around the neighborhood and pick up trash at certain times together
  • Ask to put up posters and raise awareness on littering and its negative effect on the community
  • Go to City hall and speak to someone in power about the litter and ways to get rid of it

2. if you look up to someone there are different ways to take this.

  • Perhaps you could look at why you look up to them. If for instance it’s because of their views or their courage, vow to be more courageous and try new things. If it’s for their confidence take a rubber band and place it around your arm, for every negative comment or thought you make about yourself pop the rubber band hard. (courtesy of POSITIVE THINKING magazine)
  • Another thing that you could do is become a mentor. Through mentoring you’re not only helping someone else but also beginning to know yourself

3. If for instanceone limitless goal is to win an Emmy or Golden Globe Prize for perhaps the Best Film ever made here are some tips…

  • Start posting on youtube or another network with any video ideas you have. Ask for comments
  • Ask others if you’re not sure what to film. Spreading awareness is most often widely achieved through the media.
  • Film with your friends and post.
  • With continued criticism attempt to air it through perhaps a public service announcement etc.
  • Call up a network and see if they would be willing to air your short film. Try to get a network most closely associated with the moral or the plot of your film or commercial.

4. If for example exercising has always helped you to burn off steam and motivate you, here are somethings that could help not only you but your community as well…

  • Train to run a marathon for a cause, you can now get in better shape and help others
  • Get together with a group of friends and vow to exercise and discuss problems in the world
  • Spread awareness on the positive effects of being healthy and easy tips