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Letting Go of the Fear of Failure February 20, 2008

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Having heard many motivational speakers in my day, the one phrase that has stuck with me for the longest bit of time goes something like this; ” Why fear failure? Fear not failure, but fear the fear itself. For to fear failure to give up entirely, to fear failure is to not even try, to just stop in our tracks and wait to be gobbled up by some nameless thing.” And is that not true? All of it? We should not fear failure for we live to fail and get back up.

And to continue this conversation I ask What is success? Is it to do everything you can and get everything you ever wanted? Or is it to do everything you could and still have a tad bit of trouble getting what you could? We don’t fear success, success is giving our all and being happy with the results at the end of the day. Yet, we fear not being happy after we have given it our all; we fear that for some unknown reason with all of this nonsense surrounding our lives, if we don’t hit that point then gosh darn it, it doesn’t even matter. But the truth is, it does matter, having even made it to that point is a success, giving your all on any occasion calls for a round of applause, a pat on the back if you will. And when we don’t feel as we’ve given it our all then we need to go back and try again. See, it’s not the fear of failure that we have, it’s the fear that our all will not be enough for this world, for this particular situation; and what’s the worse that can happen? I ask because I genuinely care what’s the worse? In some cases it’s pretty bad and yet, would it not be worse if you hadn’t tried at all? Or if you tried your best? If you don’t try you may very well regret it for the rest of your life. So, try your best in any occasion. Try your best to comfort, your best to relax, your best to succeed whatever that may be. However, you decide to try your best, fear not failing, for even if it doesn’t become what you may have hoped for; there’s always a reason for it. There’s always a lesson and in such cases you can either suffer for awhile, push it out of your system, smile, laugh, and pick yourself up, or you can find another way to succeed.