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WOrds to know March 26, 2008

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SMIle: it’s that thing you do when you’re truly happy

- More importantly if you’ve heard the phrase make love not war; similarly there’s the phrase spread joy not tears. Better is the question; A mood is contagious, is yours worth catching?

Dead word: Fun, done, big, large There’s a big over DONE world of vocabulary out there and if you’re still using these FUN words then you will impress no one…

LOVE: It’s lovely to have friends and to feel the way you do about another person but to show public displays of affection can spread sadness and uncomfort to other people that may not be jealous but just don’t enjoy you making out in front of their apartment. Love is wonderful but remember, there are other things that are wonderful too along with your significant other. TOgether with your love and each other, both of you can save our world.



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” And I want to believe you when you tell me that it’ll be okay yeah I try to believe you but I don’t

¬†when you say that it’s gonna be it always turns out to be a different way.”

Psychologists say that pressuring or telling others what to do doesn’t work so I’m wondering what I’ve been doing with this blog. People have their own problems, I may have just fractured both my feet. One because it was stepped on by a one ton creature and the other because my bike flipped over and my foot fell the wrong way; I now have a headache and I feel like crying. People have their own problems. Dog walking-foot-stepping-eye-opening problems that are more often than not- solvable. But what people don’t realize or what may take us awhile to(goodness knows it took me forever) is that our problems link us together.

” Somebody rip my heart out and leave me here to bleed. ”

My foot problem made one of my best friend and companions; my father, cry. It brought us together and while no it was not just the foot thing that led us to become closer, it was part of it. Opening up, making mistakes, doing it all is a learning, linking web. A web in which whether you like it or not, you exist.

Our linkage helps us, sometimes by hindering us. Old news right? But it’s not. In order for all of us in this web to move forward we need to take the good with the bad and help those less fortunate than us. Imagine that this web I’m speaking of, links everything, the world, the rocks, the animals, you, me, everyone. We all move forward together, or we all move back. Now imagine half the web slowly being soaked in water and falling apart. In order for all of us to prosper that web needs to be remade, so we need to remake it. The animals, the people, and the plants are waiting for us to step forward.

Have you decided what you believe in?


Glue Traps March 14, 2008

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Nimble-Minded Rodent

Tumbled to the floor

on another sheet

If I didn’t kill him then

I would have had him beat

starving is preferred

dying in a garbage disposal

isn’t really cruel

Heartlessness is in the eyes

of the ignorant beholder


Fairness isn’t just handed to you

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Many people “tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death.” Instead what they should be doing is making the world a better place for themselves and others. When someone sees something that’s wrong they should take the appropriate measures to stop it from happening again. Make everyone’s day a little brighter if not for their sake for the sake of another person that may be affected by a chain reaction. Remember to begin small but think large and one day soon you will get there.