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Girlicious April 12, 2008

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Like many reality shows, Girlicious advertises sex but in addition it also promotes the objectifying of an entire gender and so much more…

Reasons to get Girlicous off the air

1)      For decades women have been fighting to be seen as equals not slabs of meat and this show does just the opposite, showing that women are no good for anything other than our bodies.

2)      The women in the show are not average sized women and like the skinny women in other shows, the side-effects that the bodies of these tiny women cause low self-esteem and a strong dislike for oneself in children as low as 7

3)      Like any other program that sells sex; it supports the trafficking of humans. Children being stolen from homes to become prostitutes. Stop supporting the sex industry ant they’ll stop trafficking.

Call the number of the supporting studios and complain:

(310) 278-9010


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This video is by MIA and is called Sunshowers; she’s talking about war, bombs, and politics.

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