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Jesus Camp July 9, 2008

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A very well put together documentry about Evangelical Christians and indoctrination. This film had me skeptical in the beginning but it kept me watching only to feel my mouth fall open and turn into a gaping hole. It was masterfully created and an outsider can truly see the world of theses homeschooled children that happen to have been as the Christian radio caster saw it “brain washed”.

It gives one a good look at how this religion works and into the lives of people that have very strong ethics; whether we agree with them or not.

This documentary definately rocks our world. 



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This movie about a sweet but lonely robot is a must see. Though Pixar has let many viewers down before with movies such as Cars, Wall-E tells the tale of our planet in just a few decades. It shows what happens when we all stop doing something with our ethics and as a result we end up trashing our planet and being run by one extremely large coporation.

But aside from the social issues that Wall-E brings about, it also, as many movies do, gives us a taste of love. Yes the robot falls in love but if you only think of this particularly articulate character as a robot then not only are you being quite a churl but you’re going to miss out on some of the best scenes in this film. Many of the people I went with said they couldn’t grasp the idea of two electronics falling in love which is why I told them, ” You mustn’t look at it that way. If you pay more attention to their personalities and who they are rather than what they are then you’ll enjoy the movie and forget about many stereotypes along the way.”

If you can do this then your set for a genuinely good movie.

P.S: Just a thought: Remember why Racism, Sexism and Speciesm are wrong, it’s because one can not make assumptions about a creature based on their race, sex, or species.