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Quotes from Cunt by Inga Muscio: a book declaring independence September 28, 2008

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Margaret Cho, ” If you are a woman, if you are a person of color, if you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, if you are a person of size, if  you are a person of intelligence, if you are a person of integrity, then you are considered a minority in this world.”

excerpt from The womanifesto by Inga Muscio:

The Womanifesto for the Categorical

New Freedom Lady

when you see a really drunk girl leave a bar alone late at night and you follow her and make sure she gets into her

taxi all right,

that’s self-protection…

when you are sitting on the bus and the man who sits next to you gives you a bad vibe and you get up ad move to another seat without giving a rats ass about feeling like

you’re being rude,

that’s self-protection…

when you find out which politician is supportive of women, lesbians and motherhood and vote for her, that’s self-protection,

when you look at all the beautiful women on TV and in magazines in the grocery store and think they are part of a weird industry run by men with major, major

dick complexes,

that’s self-protection

when you make a conscious effort to spend your money in establishments owned by women

that’s self-protection

when you tell your dude if he can’t hold his wad until you’re damn well ready to come he’s gonna hafta invest in a strap-on dildo of your choosing,

that’s self-protection

when you decide it’s in your best interest to worship a goddess who innately respects women, that’s self-protection,

when you massage your friend because she’s PMSing hard,

that’s self-protection

and my favorite…

every time you look in the mirror and your heart races

because you think

“im so fucking rad,”

that’s self protection,

protect yourself

” Chess is our friend.”



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For the past week I’ve been insulted, meddled with and annoyed to no end. It’s nothing new, the insults are common but it’s come to the point where the world needs to listen, they need to open their minds and hear what I have to say because it is important.

It’s time for those of you that think you’re so intelligent because of your sheer ignorance to open your minds and choose,finally, to see things as they truly are. Insulting a vegetarian because you know nothing about being a vegetarian and what it implies does not make you creative, it does not make you intelligent, it makes you ignorant.

Shouting things like, ” Have you read Omnivore’s Dilemma?” as if implying that it would change my world without reading other books with opposing arguments is


And choosing to do what the author of Omnivore’s Dilemma did which was look at the world, see all of the torture that the killing of animals cause globally-seeing the organizations like STOP Safe Tables Our Priority (an organization comprised of parents whose children have died or are seriously ill due to tainted meat brought on by the useless regulations of the USDA and FDA) , watching the workers become so sadistic that they beat their family members, cut themselves, etc, listening to the cows cry before their deaths, knowing that if (according to the former secretary of agriculture) ” americans cut down on their consumption of meat by half, we’d be able to feed the world’s impoverished nations 4x over.” -and still choosing to eat meat is ignorant.

Imagine honestly, if we all changed one little thing in our lives, one little thing for the better, perhaps using less water, taking shorter showers, not consuming as much meat, buying items from women-only operated and owned shops, if we all did just one of these tiny but smally inconvenient things-we could change the world, derastically. Dramtic change.


Something’s got to give September 2, 2008

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I was always taught as a child that half-a***** something would not cut it, you either do or you don’t there’s not often a gray area. However, the more controversial the issue the more people seem to go for the gray area. Animal Rights for instance, you either love animals or you don’t. You’re either willing to explore new tastes and new opportunities and save lives or you’re not. You either love animals or you eat them.

People often tell me well there’s a difference, I love my dog but these cows that were raised for Beef were meant to be my meal. My response is simple, because you put them in that position. The more we believe this mentality-that it was already like that, there’s nothing I can do about it- the more it exists. The less often you take a stand to fight for something you believe in, the stronger the other side gets, the closer you get to losing.

My response may not make sense if you’re not very aware of the industry but consider this; the meat industry is one of simple supply and demand . The more meat that is consumed, the more animals that die and it’s as easy as that.

As for other controversial issues, abortion. 77% of anti-choicers are men and of that 77%, none of them will get pregnant. Now tell me why those men get to decide what happens to my body? Tell me why someone out there that has found this to be immoral gets to decide what I do and do not believe in? But more importantly tell me why someone out there has more control over my womb than I do?

Politics have no right interfering in my bussiness. Abortion should be legalized because that’s part of what women may have to do with their wombs, if it’s not legalized then it will occur in the most atrocious of ways.

And while I say this it may sound harsh but it’s not; once again abortion should be legalized. Why? One reason is that not all women intend to be mothers. Our making isn’t our destiny, we aren’t like G.I action figures with every intention in the world to fight- we’re humans with our own choices to make. Men don’t have to worry about this decision but a woman who may have taken birth control but had it fail on her or was raped may not want that child and may seek abortion.

It is far safer for her to seek this practice guilt free in a sterilized place than to find somewhere illegal and have her womb torn open. The experience is painful enough to begin with ( or so I’ve read) ,why add to that?

It just seems that the more and more people get involvedm, the less sure we are of our own choices and while I agree a knowledgeable decision is far better than an ignorant one, we all need to choose and we need to stop being ignorant and pick a side.

Something’s gotta give.