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Easy Vegetarian Recipes (anytime meals) November 30, 2008

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The following recipes are courtesy of Student’s Vegetarian Cookbook

Vegan Farmhouse Pizza:(12 min to make)


2 teaspoons olive oil

1/4 cup diced onion

1/2 cup chopped apple

1 cup prewashed, fresh spinach tightly packed and then chopped

1 six-inch pita bread

1/2 teaspoon Digon mustard

1 teaspoon chopped walnuts

preheat oven to 450 degrees F

1. Add oil to medium skillet and saute the onion for three minutes on medium heat.

2. Add apple and spinach and cook until spinach wilts ( about 3-5 minutes)

3. Lightly toast pita in oven for 3 minutes.

4. Remove pita and lower oven heat to 350 degrees

5. Add dijon mustard to pita, add walnuts and sauteed veggies to the top

6. Enjoy =)

I’ll be adding more recipes regularly; I just learned how to make avacodo and cucumber sushi so I’ll put that on here ASAP. Any other recipes you want substitutions for? E-mail me or leave a comment and I’ll be happy to find them for you.


Coming soon November 15, 2008

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I heard this from an organization that I work very closely with that soon- in response to the Bratz dolls- there will be a women’s leader doll.


Subliminal Advertising

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Halloween has always been a time for laughs and candy in the eyes of little children but when does it become more than that and how do the costumes they choose now influence the way they see themselves in the future? I was recently helping with a community Family Fun Night which was held the same week as Halloween and thus, those that participated ( mostly young kids) were encouraged to dress up. What disturbed me was something that I realized about an hour into the 4 hour event. It startled me how obvious it was and how it didn’t seem to concern anyone else in the room; I felt like there was an elephant in the room that needed to be addressed and no one else seemed to see it.

See, I noticed a pattern in the costumes that the children had been wearing. There was a gender role in each of the costumes picked, the boys were the strong heroes while the girls were the princesses in pink. I hadn’t noticed how sad this was until I looked across the entire span of the room filled with 200 little girls and boys portraying to me the same message. The message which stated so clearly who was dominating and who was to be submissive; but more so how much our society, our shops and our stores want to continue to push this on us; this idea that women are better off as princesses, that the wild filly is better when she’s tamed. And with all of these costumes, with needless princesses running around and heroes constantly saving them, doesn’t that manifest itself some way or another into the way that we see ourselves later in life?  How will those girls grow up to see themselves when all they’ve known in their past is being a princess waiting to be saved? It’s only been recently that Disney’s empowered the princesses of the world! Only just recently that they’ve come up with a movie representing an african american lead! Only recently that the women manifestation has come back to life in the eyes of young women and yet they don’t know what to do with it!

The third wave of feminism is here and yet, with so much competition, Bratz dolls, barbie still being advertised as the perfect blonde and Dove only donating so much to the women they advertise for, is it a wonder that young women won’t know what to do with it? With such criticism from all sides, some women may never even be blessed with the real meaning of feminism and women power and young men may begin to feel the unneeded pressure of fitting into gender roles.

I have a friend who is a man, one of the kindest that I’ve ever known and when he was younger he used to tell me about how he’d watch UFC fighting with his friends and how they’d talk about how that was truly being a man. Thank goodness he knows better but when you grow around a basic idea, anything else seems like a phenomenon and phenomenons don’t often have a lasting effect. When a young boy is told that to be a man he has to be tough, he can’t cry, he can’t wear pink and to do certain things he’d be labled as an outsider; well now isn’t that just dandy? It’s not just families, it’s not just fathers telling their sons that they need to behave in certain ways, it’s not just mothers dressing up their daughters to meet the perfect man; it’s the whole SYSTEM!!! All of society which has been corrupted at its very soul to tell us how we need to behave from the beginning of our lives and how that stays with us. It does, and it just sinks deeper and deeper into us until we’re exactly what we see on TV minus the fancy dresses and super hero tactics.

P.S: There were two little girls at this event that I have to give props to. One was in a Bat Girl costume and the othe, a vetrinarian. Way to go girls=)