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DIY massage February 14, 2009

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I tried this one recently and it got rid of a lot of the extra knots in my shoulders and back.

Take a tennis ball and place it between your back or area of tenderness- and the wall or floor. Apply pressure in a circular motion until the knot it loosened; apply as little to as much pressure as you’d like and take your time.


Spreading the love

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Our society’s cuttent take on Valentine’s Day, the idea that love should be exclusive between two people, sickens me. It’s not that I’m on of those candyheart Naxis that despise romantic comedies; instead it’s this concept that on this one day, we celebrate love as a unit consisting of two people rather than the entire world, that’s what disgust me.

Hallmark must hav ea blast when it comes time to bust out those pink-wrapper candies and mushy cards because in our imaginations we all see that perfec someone but never alone, always holding a bouquet of roses, chocolate or a card. The truth is that person is no longer enough. Before, when love was less artificial and less based off of the media, love came without the add-ons and people were happy simply being next to one another. And even though times have changed, the idea that we should need no other than the ones we love should remain.

But on this point, love shouldn’t be saved for a single day of the year; we should we should cherish everyone we know year round. Aside from uplifting others and making them feel special. it’s this kind of unconditional love that brings out the best in all of us. Recently , I had a very tedious argument with a close friend of mine. She accused me of not caring and I accused her of goodness knows what. The background to this weeklong e-mailing spree is unimportant for it’s the argument itself that everyone can relate to. For one reason or another we all mess up and well argue. However it’s what we do after our fights that matters, not their context. Ultimately, it was this epiphany that allowed me to forgive her for while I had been angry with her, as a friend I should have been more understanding. In the end it’s these fights that lead to growth in the character of people and that led to my own growth as a friend.

As Emily Dickinson puts it ,” My friends are my estate.” And thus, they are the ones that give our trees the most fruit. Although some romances end because of one argument, the strongest friendships withstand the world crashing down- now that’s something that desrves celebration on Feb. 14. It’s the spreading of this sort of love around that world that our society should look towards and so should you.


Mercury News! February 8, 2009

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Today LMSW was written about in the Mercury News under Girls Believe in Themselves. Read the article and visit the Girls ForĀ a Change action network.