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Violence against animals -stop the propaganda April 15, 2009

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Last week I was volunteering at an event, setting up the stage for a small high school concert at an unused venue when I heard screams- female screams.  I looked over to see two teenage girls screaming at a cockroach and a teenage boys foot poised dangerously close to the creature’s exoskeleton.  Here’s how the following minute went…

Me: Stop

Him: What?

Me: Don’t step on the cockroach

Him: Why?

Me: I’ll pick it up and put it outside.

Him: It’s not worth it, they’re not useful.

Me: Stupid people aren’t of a whole lot of use to the world either but you don’t see me looking to kill you.


I move to pick the cockroach out and put it outside.

Violence towards other creatures isn’t always necessary and as I’ve made it clear it’s also unneccesary when it comes to animal testing.

Yet, movies such as Disney’s new G-Force has a trailer in which one of the hamsters says, ” This may be animal cruelty but it sure is fun.” The movie mocks the way animals are being tested on by the military and it’s not such a funny matter. They use pigs and other animals such as puppies to test out not only explosives but other weapons that realistically could be tested on using balistics gel or even cadaveurs which are dead to begin with. My question to the government and not only to Disney but also the military and the FDA is why animal testing is still being used?

After calling Procter and Gamble, after viewing the FDA’s website I see no answers. It’s all very vague, quoting the website,” companies may use whatever testing methods they see fit.” The FDA will not only not question them but animal testing, even though unecessary is allowed. Please help me and other people in questioning such uneccesary methods of testing- here’s the link to the FDA’s website -the phone number to Procter and Gamble and Unilever (national product labels)is on the back of all of their products( Crest, Breyers ice cream, Pantene and Dove soap just to name a few).

Genetically engineered animals for testing:

“Minor” species


Stop the gossip

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I’ve noticed- and it does take some time to notice such things- that pure arrogance keeps us apart from one another. Job titles, fancy ties, expensive houses, outrageous schooling systems and silly mistakes make us who we are today. Yet, the two adversities that many people can not seem to over come no matter how many other such difficulties have been faced are the adversity of age and species.

Recently I was talking to a man quite a bit older than myself at my workplace, he was telling me about a thirteen year old girl who had begun insulting him and had mentioned how rude young people were becoming. While it’s true to some degree that teenagers have become more “disrespectful” to adults over the years I find more often that adults are more disrespectful to each other than teenagers could ever be. As I get older I watch my parents and other adults attempt to handle their discontent with one another only to discover that their attempts often lean more towards avoiding conflict through gossip than towards actually solving the problem.  Rather teenagers who have problems often approach each other, unafraid of combat and unprepared for retreat. And while confrontation puts many people in an awkward situation- it’s well worth it when it comes to the long run and important situations. Feelings aren’t indirectly hurt and problems are cleared up.

Yet we’d like to think that whatever problems have been created are not faults of our own to begin with. As such, why take the first step to solve these issues that hit our lives like bombshells or maybe like glue guns? The answer is because it makes us better people.

Confrontation helps us to grow, to understand the dynamics of arguments, why they’re not one sided, among other things. And as such, gossiping isn’t the answer and no matter your age- I think you can agree that in such cases it’s just a guilty pleasure and an easy way out of much needed confrontation.