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So sick July 23, 2009

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My innards have twisted in the most metaphorical of ways and I’m choking up blood. I’m incapable of running my mouth in a coherent fashion yet I will try. For the past year I’ve come to the realization that I’m being suffocated, that I’ve been suffocated for years now.

Under this government and under the power of this country there’s little to no say for women and as such I feel pulled down. The only interest the media seems to show in any women other than Hilary Clinton or Michelle Obama are Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan. They treasure the women that have money but no power, the women who are virtually invisable to those of us who haven’t lost our sanity. They plod around and they’re beautiful but their true beauty, their honest thoughts are lost in the tabloids and the constant beating of their moral is no good.

The media beats down the very women they treasure but the men stay holy and frankly I’m quite sick of it. The double standards in this country  are quite equivelent to the amount of balogney that we process every year and I’m a vegetarian. It’s time for us as a country to treasure the women that we have rather than push them and pull them in directions that they can’t contort into. I’m speaking of course of the fact that most women are looked at from the perspectives of a man and they are meant to contort to his needs, his expectations, HIS longings even at the smallest. He walks past and even if you don’t know him he acts like he has some control over you. Oh, the arrogance!

While every woman is somewhat able and all too willing I stand up from my figurative desk and put my foot down- no longer will I feel beaten down by the likes of a man. This country will change to respect women and I will make sure of it.


Legalizing Prostitution: The issue at large

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When most women look at prostitutes we don’t know what to think. Should we support women who are sexually active and happy about it? Should we allow them to live their lives when it negatively influences others and thus, grant them the protection and watch of the government on their jobs?

Personally, I’m split. On the one hand these women deserve the protection that their jobs- whether they chose them or not- do not give them. However, on the other hand by legalizing prostitution we are saying that it’s alright with this country that you want to make money by selling your body. While it protects those that chose to become prostitutes- legalizing this job does not protect those who are being trafficked. Another problem though, is that our law enforcement officers are having trouble enough keeping track of the crimes already taking place; will they have the ability, the work force to track down and maintain these crimes as well? I think not.

It may bring them more to the surface but it could also have the opposite effect. In addition the legalization of prostitution may allow welfare programs to tell the unemployed that prostitution is an option.

It’s best to look at it from both perspectives.


Up July 14, 2009

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Pixar is really moving mountains with its underlying messages in the recently released Up. A film about an elderly man who has lost not only his wife but also his freedom- Up briefly exposes the tragedy that our elderly see when they are treated no longer as humans but as animals. Nursing homes and Medicare can only go so far –it’s time for our society to stop treating the elderly as dispensable. Rather than acting as if only disgust comes with age, only wrinkles and crow’s feet; we should consider the knowledge that our elders hold onto.

Sewing, crocheting and old war stories are the moments when I realize that some day I hope to be able to pass my memories onto a willing ear. Perhaps not a child or even a grand child, but just someone who is open to listening to a human being who has undergone the happiness and tragedies that he or she will also undergo.  Praise should be given to a film that expresses with such bluntness what is off in our society.