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Natural Beauty August 16, 2009

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Because I live near a semi-remote area known to many as the Open Space Preserve, I have taken on a somewhat interesting point of view and that is this. Up near this lovely preserve consisting of 150 acres of trails is a long narrow road of what used to be pure orchards. Feeling the need to be closer to this beauty than they were already, people intervened and rather than simply enjoying nature- they managed to destroy it’s very essence. By building homes not around it but within it, habitats have been lost and the natural beauty that once existed is now gone. Think before you buy…


If you remember August 13, 2009

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Hilary Clinton was the one who originally thought up Universal healthcare while her husband was in office. Regardless it’s finally in the spotlight and yet, no one seems to understand what it truly means. People everywhere are protesting so called “death-panels” and yet they haven’t even read the bill. Mind you it’s 400 something pages but if you have enough nerve to protest something, use all you can to educate yourself before you do so.

You can see it in his podcast that Obama is getting sick and tired of the ignorance in America as should everyone. We need to read up and do our homeowork. In addition, rather than protesting futilely in the streets, we need to push our lawmakers to take action.

I have written various complaints about our USDA’s humane slaughter act and after two weeks of phone calls, he finally returned my voice message as well as my letter and I was shocked by how little he knew. It seems as though our congressmen and women are also clueless and it’s our job to educate them? It may not seem like something we need to do but if we don’t tell them what’s important to us then they’ll assume all wrong. A series of letters and now Mike Honda has agreed to support animal rights bills in the future. I still need to write him back and ask him how?

I don’t take BS very well and neither should you-especially from our congress people.


Merit: Fantastic service, fantastic food

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Of all the restaurants I’ve been to, this vegan vietnamese family run place really hits the spot. Whether your searching for some sweet and sour soup with bamboo or some vegan german chocolate cake; they’ve got it! The food comes quickly and it’s relatively cheap.

Here’s the website


Love your flaws August 10, 2009

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Check this lovely pro-femme website out. It’s all about loving your flaws, no matter your age,your race or your size- essential to any young woman or man out there.