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Powerful and True November 1, 2009

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This is a quote I heard recently and it makes perfect sense! Just think about it.

“There is not a problem in this entire world that can not be solved with money.”

Bharat Bhatia-Entrepeneur



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There are Wiccans, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Christians and a bundle of other religions; I am a vegetarian. Not a religion? Perhaps it’s not but it has led me to a blur of spiritual views that I didn’t completely discover until recently.

As a mounted trail guide, I work along side horses every day of the week and yet, they always manage to shock me with their level of intelligence and sense of being. This last Saturday I was walking up from the horse that I lease to my job when I saw a tractor tugging at the limp body of an appaloosa. Her name was Sugar and while her life story was hopeful, it was the story of her death that led me to a bit of an epiphany.

She was originally bought by a lady who cared for her as much as she could; circumstances came up, family tragedy swept over her and Sugar became a burden. She wasn’t maintained very well and she lost an eye due to infection; she was squirmish at first as any animal would be but continued to be loving towards all the people that passed by her living quarters. In her last year of life she was full-leased by a man and a twelve year old girl who adored her. She was fed and taken care of until her last days.

What happened was Botulism, a bacteria that causes paralysis in all beings. Her nervous system was struck and she was put down at 7pm on Friday night. Her body was left in the field with the other horses until morning but the leaser wanted to see her again. At midnight he saw her in the field again with the other horses surrounding her body but something felt strange as he told me; he felt as though a presence lingered in her, as though she hadn’t left her body yet. For half an hour he talked to her limp body and told her it was alright, that it was time for her to be free and as he was speaking a hawk flew through the field and over Sugar. As the hawk spread it’s wings, the leaser said he felt a sudden peacefulness.

Never take animals for granted, they’re spiritual too and as such I feel honored to be in their presence. Every time I’ve decided not to eat their bodies I’ve made a conscious choice to let them pass more peacefully than at the hands of butchers a land of chemicals. I know they don’t live long in the wild but at least they live! On a large farm there’s not much to look forward to for many of the creatures and in my opinion religion is just a reason to believe in something. Without my views of animals, without my idea of vegetarianism I would not have a cause or even a someone to believe in.