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Cultured December 31, 2009

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KISS ME, TOUCH ME, MY BODY IS YOURS TO ENJOY. Is there a sign on me that I’m unaware of or has feminism really hit a stand still where men find women my age playful? I could only hope the ogling of my breasts and all these requests are a misunderstanding because suddenly I’ve become the one they want… Suddenly my very presence in a room causes stares so crude I look down just to make sure I’m fully dressed. I envision a project, I dedicate my time to make it happen only to  be met by the likes of a man in his 50s asking me for my personal information,.6’5, he was more than a foot higher than myself and my voice just wasn’t working, all of a sudden I was…In a large, pretentious house as a Christmas Eve Party with the brother of the host groping my face and telling me I’m pretty again and again and again. His stares, that of a 50 year old man send chills down my spine and I feel hot, angry, violated, all of a sudden …I’m defenseless.


United Arabic Emirates Dubai December 21, 2009

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Free advice and calculator.

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I just got accepted into one of my two dream colleges and I hope I have to choose between them both! One’s in the happiest state in the country and the other is in one of the greenest. On the one hand all I want to do is inspire people but on the other I don’t want to get worn down and be uninspired myself.

If I have to choose *( please let me choose!) * which one do I go for?


God Builds Walls

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As the holiday’s are upon us people are finding ways to enjoy their families, their lives and in a strange way their religions as well. Now while time has passed and religion is no longer the main focus of the holidays in many people’s lives it has become the sole reason for the deaths of their enemies. I’m not ignorant but to be honest I know little about Jihad or The Iraq war- all I do know is that religion and brainwashing are some of the reason that so many of our troops are dying. I suppose on the bright side at least they have something to believe in but at the same point in time as an American I don’t understand this concept of taking away someone else’s liberties and securities only to fufill my own seemingly selfish ways. Yet, muslims aren’t the only religion to be seen in this light-perhaps in America as a whole but not by me.

A few years ago I went through a very difficult patch in my life and a colleague of mine helped me to use religion to “fight the demons”. She took me to a church by the name of The Holy Family and it was wonderful for the time being- lots of singing and connection between everyone in the pews but they weren’t very open to the idea of me not being baptized. They were nice, no doubt about it but they seemed unsettled by the religious diversity that was my family. Coming from a home with a Hindu father and a Catholic mother, I’ve never been forced to choose but have always believed strongly that there is/ was a God.  Now the problem came when they wanted to baptize me within my third week of attending the youth group meetings, I suppose they felt so strongly that their religion was the proper one that they’d be doing me a favor but isn’t it my choice? If I had wanted it, I would have asked for it and personally it is in this sense that I relate Christianity to Islam- they’re both so dead set that they’re right, that they made the perfect choice that they can’t get passed religion to the other aspects of LIFE that matter. We’re all human and as long as we live on this planet we may as well act like a proper family. Our diversity should bring us closer not pull us apart so this holiday season; don’t celebrate just religion, celebrate diversity and family as well.

Happy Holidays