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Changing the way we think in order to change the world January 31, 2010

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I was fortunate enough to discover this incredible site during a women’s convention I went to last week in Santa Cruz. Aside from the unlimited amount of vegan food and gorgeous rooms; I also met with women from various other organizations such as the one that created the blog above. These women are passionate, free spirited and are out to teach the world about the importance of reproductive and environmental justice as they pertain to not only each other but to women as well. The latest videos were made at the convention so check it out!


The Trouble with Tough Love

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Dicktatorship shall take rule again and again and again as more media conforms to an unruly standard of misogyny. From the outrageous Jersey Shore in which women are batterred and abused to Disney series to VH1’s Tough Love which is a dating correctional facility for women; women are taught to see and be seen in a certain light. Now in the case of Jersey Shore, the misogyny is much more obvious, the man’s need to be dominant is taken from his women becoming submissive at his hand. Less obvious is the case of Tough Love, a series started by the matchmaker Steve Ward and his mother to help women who are seeking love. The issue is not love but rather that the women are required to change their lifestyles in order to meet their perfect man. Ward requires the women he’s helping to change via a series of group therapy classes so that they may change the people they attract for the better. He’s teaching the women to upgrade from vibrators and cavemen to living, thinking, competent men but the issue comes with this snag- what about men?

They have after all been described again and again as “Wolves in sheep’s clothing”so why is it that men are not being held responsible for their actions? The women are being asked to attract a better quality of the opposite gender but why not raise the standard overall? Why not have the society teach our men for the better rather than leaving their young minds to the overwhelming world of sex, porn, irresponsible sexual practices and ultimately a disrespect for women. It’s been shown time and time again that men are not only often left to their own instincts about the treatment of women but that they also rely on the media for most of their information. It’s no wonder that after watching the “perfect” women on television ( hot, blonde, submissive but easy) that every other woman is neither pretty enough to be worthy of respect or is hot enough to be easy and thus, is disrespectable. Need proof? Which gender is responsible for the most rapes? Men. Could it be because they’re not taught by society to respect A) each other despite their differences and B) women. Sure women are physically weaker in the majority of cases but the fact that a woman has to be reminded of this on a daily basis is unacceptable. From having to wonder how many people she has to take with her to feel safe at night to making sure she’s always carrying pepper spray in her purse; women live in a society where we don’t feel safe without a man and it’s incredibly outrageous. Similarly when a woman is abused by her husband a fellow woman, often the mother will ask ” What did you do?”. This is just another example of how women must change to suit the needs of men and make them happy; rather than be relished and ravished and loved for our beauty and differences, women are seemingly enslaved by a system that caters to men time after time.


Check the Rape

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Every year an average of 1 in 5 women are raped on a college campus not counting the remaining 25% of cases ( or more) that are never reported to the community police station. Before selecting a college, check their sexual assault policy for vagueness, check the campus for sexual assault hotlines, rape kits and the information that would be valuable to victims. Not only is a vague policy bad for victims but it can also be unfair to both genders. For example in an Ohio university, a woman who consumes enough alcohol to become drunk and consents to any sex has been raped despite the male having been drunk as well. This policy is not only unfair but also ridiculous as it assumes that males have control of themselves when they are drunk as well. In addition make sure that the university campus encourages it’s victims to report the cases; more often than not they discourage it because a reported case also has to be reported on statistics given out to prospective students. More rapes, more of a negative reputation and less moolah for the college.

And if your dream school doesn’t have these, don’t fret go there and create CHANGE!