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Rapril: APril is the time to honor all those who have suffered March 28, 2010

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No one knows the amount of pain a rape victim faces; the amount of trauma she or he must overcome only to find a new normal. Hell, I’m a feminist who has heard many women glance over their past experiences and just taken it for face value that everything’s okay. But I would have never imagined what my best friend has been telling me about for the past few weeks. His ambition to become a cop for sexual assault victims is inspiring and it is through his courses to become a SART advocate that I have learned what I am typing now. 25% of all rapes happen on a college campus and 84% of all rapes are by people the victim is acquainted with. Men and women are at risk and this horrid experience doesn’t just end when the dominator, the monster, the criminal, leaves- it’s the beginning of a new era and a new demon to haunt their dreams. Never again will rape victims reach the same level of happiness that they had before, and never again willk their lives be untouched by the drama that occurred that day. That’s part of the reason I’m setting up a workshop at my school for senior girls to learn basic survival skills in an adrenalized environment. WHile the plans are not set in stone quite yet, the necessity of it is. We all deserve to be on a level playing field and while that may not be completely possibly , the possibilities begin and end with us. If you’re looking to start a workshop of this nature, ccontact your local self defense studios and see what they’d be willing to offfer you. In addition if you  or a loved one is sufferring from rape, here are some helpful tools…

Rape, Abuse, incest National Network

The National Sexual Assault Hotline:


Also contact your local YWCA- they send SART advocates to hospitals and also have a hotline

(408) 287-3000
(650) 493-7273


Hi, I’m LMSW and I’m an addict

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Hi I’m LMSW and I’m an addict. I fear that it’s been a long time coming- but it’s only been in the past few months that I’m realized the seriousness that comes with my addiction to roasted fennel seed. 5 times a day, every day I sneakily take a mouthful of the green goodness that was first used to promote my fresh breathe and strong digestive system, however, I fear I have or will have sufferred the consequences in due time. Within the past 2 months I developed a slight rash on my back that I recently discovered could be known as photodermisis and caused by direct sunlight after consumption of this lovely comfort food. But is it any wonder that I’ve been sucked into an addiction under such an addictive society?

The United States has reported 13,588 sex addicts while the New York Times has noticed 120,000 drug addicts and that 2/3rds of all adults have a problem with food that has led to obesity. All I’m saying is that maybe it’s not all my fault. I mean at least I’m not addicted to drugs or alcohol or sweets but even such a small addiction has led me into a hole so what now? I have only the slightlest idea about how to change my taste buds but my biggest worry is college! Coming up right around the bend is a university far away from my present home and close to a whole new lifestyle accompanied by fried food, obesity and an addiction to shopping at the big W. Yes Wal-Mart people! Moderation only goes so far in a country like ours and so I’m left wondering what my options are. Spiritual conquest? Quit all bad habits cold turkey? If I can’t get through this, all those other addicts who have succeeded combatting their disease I honor you today and will as a result put up various links that I hope prove helpful.