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Rape Agression Defense September 18, 2010

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According to The National Center for Victims of Crime while 3 of every 10 women may be raped in her lifetime; 10% of all rape survivors are men and 73% of them will never report the incident. To make matters worse 84% of all rapes are committed by an acquaintence of the survivor and in some cases even a spouse or close friend. My point is don’t take your situation for granted; don’t ever think that you’re safe because of your cozy house or your perfect relationship; all it takes is a few minutes of your time and an inability to react to change your life forever. It’s ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry and that’s why I’m in LOVE with R.A.D. Rape Agression Defense while it is primarily set to service women is a three day course which offers a lifetime of security and lifetime membership with one fee. Within this impact related course women are taught basic self-defense techniques and when to use them through muscle memory. I recently took the workshop and was pleased to have learned how to punch properly, get out of five different choke holds, three different bear hugs and how to get someone off of me while I’m lying down. My advice: Check it out- it typically cost only about $25 for students and $45 for adults but with this comes lifetime membership meaning that you can attend workshops whenever after you’ve passed. Years after your first classes if you’d like just so long as you keep your initial staff signature.

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Student Life September 11, 2010

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Recently a number of things have happened in my life to make me realize I’ve become an adult; my license, my first accident and many more. What upsets me about this realization is that as a student I feel that I should be seen as a valued part of the school system that has made the top 100 schools in the United States. As a student who is part of a class with 37 valedictorians and an intel grant winner (¬†winning the school 17k) and just as a human being I feel that I deserve a certain amount of respect from my staff members. I’m not saying I want to be bowed down to or even noticed at all times; I’m simply saying that I’d appreciate a little trust on behalf on the faculty. As any school we have drugees but the staff has yet to figure out that if they’re drunk or high they’ll continue to do it regardless and that the staff are actually letting them into the dances like this without noticing. In addition they have taken it upon themselves to enforce a cut in dry policy that doesn’t allow students to return to the dance because they know they are unable to tell. My problem is A) we have cops at the dances that are being used for nothing and could be used to detect drugs and B) that if the staff members expect so little of the students as far as general knowledge is concerned but expect the students to exceed academically- then they will meet both standards. In Lamence terms if you don’t expect anything more from a student than that he or she will do drugs then chances are that’s exactly what he or she will do.