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Stop acting StOopid October 9, 2010

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My one pet peeve, the one act that irks me almost more than any other is girls who act stupid. More so, girls who act stupid because they feel like they need to impress guys with their incessent giggling and ” I don’t know”s. Aside from the fact that you shouldn’t want anyone who doesn’t love you for being as crazy and intelligent and passionate about who you are; this discussion also comes from a recent observation which shocked me. As I was sitting in a study room with one of my new college buddies I realized for the second time in my life how stupid I felt sitting next to a boy. Now I realize as a feminist that this is completely improper and ridiculous but as a girl whose grown up around other girls who were always trying their best to get with the well any of the nearby masculine creatures- completely disregarding their own talent; is it really any surprise that part of me always feels insignificant or less so. I’m american, I’m caucasian but all of the images that I’m shown of girls “like myself” are of skimpy, bikini clad “DTF” air heads. Now I have to come right out and say this before people confuse my intentions; I have no problem with women who like having sex on a regular basis I don’t hold a double standard. If that’s how you choose to live your life I’m not a person to judge you but as such I also feel like no one else has that right either. My point is that I want to see women like me who are powerful and lovely and loved as such. I can’t stand watching FOX news anymore because of how they’ve treated their females and the messages that they spread, I can’t stand watching women called bitches because if you knew the original meaning you’d find it offensive, but what I realized most recently was that I can’t stand feeling stupid. I’m not at the top of my class and I do struggle with some of the work but I try, I’m constantly pushing myself to reach my ultimate goal and I make good decisions; as such I’m not stupid. I don’t spend my time getting drunk although I won’t say that I don’t plan on doing it eventually for experimental purposes but I’m not stupid. I’m definitely not stupider than any of the guys down here and no matter what their grade point average-it really doesn’t matter. I shouldn’t FEEL stupid around anyone; now as far as knowing information about certain politicaltopics perhaps I’m under educated and that would be my own fault but that’s true for anyone. Just because I’m a female does not make me any less capable than my male counterparts and my fellow students should feel the same way. The giggling is fine if the joke was actually funny but if it was stupid don’t respond to it by being STOOPID. No male should find that attractive; why on earth WHY would you want someone who can’t think for themselves as your partner? If you wanted a pet get a puppy but if you want a wife, an equal find someone you can have a discussion with-someone to be your best friend and tell the women in your life that their so much more beautiful when they carry themselves with confidence, pride and wit. Personally, I think that there’s nothing sexier than a confident woman and every woman should feel that beautiful-all the time.