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Long standing, foot planting super femme January 23, 2011

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Sex, let’s face it, it’s not only a large part of our lives but also a good portion of this blog. Am I ashamed of that? No. Should I be? Most certainly not and yet, according to the well published BUST magazine women everywhere are being targeted for their free speech.

Yes, they write about leg-spreading, super erotic, sometimes funny and quirky love making sessions with everyone from their best friends to the anonymous three-somes they’ve decided to take part in. Sometimes they even talk about the tragic sexual harassment that’s been courting our streets since the beginning of time.

And their bosses are furious as is the hypocritical society in which they live under.

Today my boss discovered my blog and the first article on the entire page, to my immediate horror, was the one about masturbation. I felt incredibly awkward but also found the situation incredibly funny.

What I didn’t feel immediately, was pride; I love my stories and I thoroughly enjoy writing but for some strange reason I couldn’t muster up the courage to say anything other than ” there are more relevant articles on my blog”. I’m so proud of the article I’d written and yet because it seems unsightly for a woman of my standing, or for any woman to write about sex- my first reaction was regret and guilt.

For what? For speaking my mind on a blog that has no relation to my job or any other place I’ve ever worked except for maybe Girls For a Change.

I deeply appreciate the readership I’ve gained from this experience but what I don’t appreciate is anyone’s feeling like I don’t have a right to speak my mind.

Those women who were discovered via IP address, via random blog with a real name on it- they got fired.

I guess for a bunch of clever ass bosses they’re really intimidated by contracting vaginas.


Floories-taking back the right to club

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48 hours and two girls drugged with the intention of something more.

Roofies aren’t dangerous simply because of their odorless, tasteless existence when slipped into any drink but more so because of the invasion of personal space and generally respect that comes with them. As women it’s expected that someone would try to harm us in a violating way and while we watch our drinks as carefully as we can the fact that we have to watch them at all is appalling.

Earlier I was thinking about writing an article about a cruel rite of passage which women have to endure-sexual harrassment- and I think this topic ties together very well with the kind of disrespect women face not only on a daily basis but more particularly at clubs. While the place where these two women were drugged was at a well-known college hangout in the area there’s never a reason to have to EXPECT such a level of exploitation.

If we’re all humans with the same right to enjoy the night, the same rights to privacy and happiness then we also have the same right to respect. When a guy is polite and cordial, when he doesn’t have any agendas for the night other than dinner and a movie-it shouldn’t astound us-it should be expected.

In the same sense when we’re going to the bars or partying it up with our gal pals the last thing we should need to think of is people slipping things into our drinks. Yet in our society we expect nothing less than bad behavior in fact it seems as though we encourage it.

Of the two parties of girls that I spoke to, neither group seemed to have told the bouncer about the guy who drugged them. Shame is out of the question to many outsiders but as women we often play the role of controller taking responsibility for actions which we had little to do with.

Although watching their drinks should have been the first priority in the modern times-the incident should have sparked more than fear for themselves but also a kind of fear for the girls around them.

If the guys not caught they’re not the only ones in jeopardy.

Worst the guy feels as though he’s gotten away with it and according to the YWCA, the assaulters often come on stronger the second time around. But now isn’t the time to sit back and pray that it doesn’t happen again, now is the time to take action.

In New York City a group of rape survivors formed a coalition in which they publically humiliated the rapist for his or in same cases her crime. It may not seem like much but this powerful message has a huge impact not only on the survivors emotionally but equally, if not more important, the assaulter as well.

In the end assault is more than a personal battle, it’s one that our entire gender faces so stick together and fight for the right to party. No drug or sick pervert can take that away from you but you should and can take it away from them.


Make Love to my Soul January 15, 2011

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Moaning and the hard thud of a bed against a wall, rhythmic, poetic are all that run through your brain as you do the dirty deed of masturbating. It’s stress-relief for you as it is for so many people so why feel guilty about it? Sex is a perfectly natural part of life and it’s estimated according to Psychology Today that ”38 percent of women said they’d masturbated at all during the past year. The figure for men was 61 percent.” According to WebMD in response to the question, ” who masturbates?”

Just about everybody. A more interesting question; who feels guilty about it? Unfortunately, while I haven’t found many statistics to back up my personal experiences- my experiences say that 75% of people feel guilty about it. Many arguments state that it’s a sin against the Bible to lust after someone and by masturbating to images of them that’s exactly what you’re doing. Sure, the Bible states that lusting is bad but sexual urges are not only natural but healthy and sometimes difficult to control, imaginary lusting is much better than committing adultery, rape or simply having unprotected sex. I understand the concept that “the big man” or the “big woman” is watching from way up there, it’s just plain creepy and it’s difficult to shake thinking that they’re up there judging you for the sins you’ve committed by fondling yourself. It’s an unsettling thought to imagine such a divine power casting you out for simply enjoying the pleasure of being alive and loving what you feel-embracing the moment and embracing our inner selves in a manner that’s almost sacred comes from treating our bodies as temples. But in thinking of our bodies as holy temples which require a kind of self love that is unparalled to that of any other kind of love we experience- a peaceful pounding in our souls- we must realize that in obeying the laws of the holy one we must also obey ourselves. While the lords and lordesses of the world are blessed and bless us quite wonderully as well( if that’s how you see it); looking out for their needs can come second to apologizing in advance for the “sins” we’ve committed because if you’re worried about masturbating chances are you’re thinking of or have committed something worse. Something so little yet so fundamental in actually grasping our inner beauty that divineness of feeling yourself up and not having to have another person to do it for you-it’s the most pure and freeing thing in the entire world. If it’s not the simple act of pulling one off and it’s the visual aids that make you feel guilty then may I suggest feminist pro porn in which women are not being degraded by facial cum shots etc. is a website with short clips of real couples who have sold their sex tapes to the site for internet viewing and it’s free. Most of the sex is pretty vanilla but it’s a good alternative.

Other sites include…

 This site includes more examples


Repelling the Landfill January 14, 2011

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Clutching my weapon of choice close to my body I prepared myself for a battle I found myself facing on a weekly basis; a battle of wits and intelligence in which my opponents would take no prisoners. They were far too clever to play any foolish games instead they relied on my own personal will and lack of knowledge to pull me into a dark cave of guilt and nasty lies. Every week I face these foul fiends and every week they tell me to choose between blue or black- to choose between a renewed life and one that could scar my friends and family for generations to come. Holding my weapon tighter I face my first enemy cloaked in blue and confess to him that I do not know how to utilize my weapon against him and toss it reluctantly into the deep black garbage bag belonging to my second fiend, walking away, aching for new knowledge with which to defeat my enemies. If only I could say that I am alone in my defeat against the rowdy recycling bin and the grouchy garbage can, then perhaps, I wouldn’t feel so terrible in my quest for environmental sanctuary throughout the world (or at least the university). But the fact of the matter is that if I’m unwilling to acknowledge the consequences of my actions, chances are you’re in the same boat. Unfortunately for all of us, these consequences are costing us a great deal of additional resources; in 2005 the Container Recycling Institute recorded that for every 2 million tons of bottles and cans that were wasted instead of recycled, 18 million barrels of crude oil equivalent were consumed. In essence, as stated by, recycling your Rock Star saves 95% of the energy needed to produce a new can. With all of the blue bins surrounding our beautiful campus this is not the time for excuses but rather a time for action. As intelligent college students it’s about time we take charge of the way we manage our waste on campus. But the question of the hour is how will the campus manage our waste? There have been rumors that LSU’s single stream recycling system mixes the garbage and the recyclables together, only to separate them at the Waste Management Center. This could not be further from the truth, Andres Harris head of LSU Recycles says that, “Single stream recycling means that all the recycling materials, Cardboard/mix paper, plastic containers, aluminum/tin/steel cans go into the same recycling dumpster, not TRASH. The recycling foundation is the company in charge of servicing the 100 green dumpsters we have on campus. Another company (SDT) is in charge of empting the trash dumpsters.” In fact, LSU Recycles which became more aggressive in 2003 after implementing a Recycling Management head has collected over 1240 tons of recyclable beverage containers. And while the number is a great improvement from the beginnings of the LSU recycling program it’s not enough if the students haven’t the slightest clue about recycling. While every recycling bin has a clear cut description of what should be disposed of and what should be reduced, reused and recycled, the fact of the matter is students are still clueless about the difference between a number 2 recyclable and a cardboard container. Freshman Hannah Paul states,” I’m always unsure and end up throwing things away just in case and I’m sure I’m not the only one” Although LSU Recycles takes a firm stand on reducing waste; it will never be able to become fully efficient unless it gains the interest of the students teaching us about the importance of our actions and why we should long to defeat our ferocious landfill foes.