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A little bit Stronger- Large companies strong with money not so much with Environmental movement September 24, 2011

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There’s certain bliss to come from taking a bite into the perfect slice of pizza. Whether it is the way the cheese slides into your mouth or the way the toppings caress your taste buds, it’s difficult to go wrong with pizza.

And yet, Papa John’s has done it.

While they’re pizza itself may take the pie for being the tastiest, they’re conspicuous conservation is not the least bit tempting to my taste buds.

Maybe nobody’s noticed but on the back of those lovely Papa John pizza boxes, there’s a recycling symbol.

Yes a symbol which indicates you throw it in a beautiful blue bin labeled recycling.

But if you haven’t been doing it, don’t feel bad, chances are you’re actually helping out recycling facilities. Cardboard food containers can’t be recycled if they have pizza grease or are contaminated by food in any other way. According to Earth911 this is because, “when paper products, like cardboard, are recycled, they are mixed with water and turned into slurry. Since we all know water and oil don’t mix, the issue is clear. Grease from pizza boxes causes oil to form at the top of the slurry, and paper fibers cannot separate from oils during the pulping process. Essentially, this contaminant causes the entire batch to be ruined.”

Needless to say recycling pizza boxes isn’t the answer to Global Warming but a general effort from big companies is. Papa John’s may have attempted to go green but in the end a lack of education and a lack of real concern have made it so that all their efforts are lost. If they really wanted their boxes to be recyclable they would change their universal recipe so that the cheese weren’t so greasy or add a layer of paper on top to keep the grease away from the inside of the box.

But they haven’t done any of this and the reason is simple and universal. With the green movement many large companies changed the way they managed their businesses, in little ways ¾ just enough for the consumer to notice, but not much more. We demanded green goods and we got them to a degree but what we really got was companies telling us to shut up and smile.

Apple, one of biggest companies worldwide, came out with the phone in your hand ¾ the expensive hipster laptop most of our student population uses, and yet, they’re green policy is utter crap.

Alright to be fair they’ve eliminated almost all PVC vinyl plastic which leaves behind toxic waste. They’ve also done a wonderful job in improving their E-waste cycle but when it comes down to it, they fail to have a public stance on the reduction of Green House Gases, to have any public opinion on the environment at all.

And as such they’ve ranked 9th out of 18 major electronic companies on Greenpeace’s Electronic Guide- the October 2011 edition. But for being such an international brand I feel that we should expect more from them.

Sure, Nintendo and Microsoft are the lowest ranking companies of the list but with Apple being so much more popular; our need for them to go green is that much greater.

In actuality our need for all big companies to go green seems to have increased exponentially in the past decade.

And yet, as our demand for more eco-friendly products has increased so has the propensity for large brands to fall short on their promises.

Apple, for example promised to become greener as of 2007 and while they succeeded in one way, they’re competition succeeded in several allowing them to drop from 5th place on the list to 9th.

Perhaps a pizza alternative would be more eco-friendly.

“One order of cheese, hold the box please.”


Warning: Explicit Contnet is good for Viewers September 17, 2011

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Destroying towns everywhere, lurking behind bushes and attacking children, eating women when they least expect it¾ the evil creature that is pornography will attack every home in sight if we let it, but really, why on earth wouldn’t we?

Pornography is not the monster we’ve created it to be in this society. Realistically it’s more like a puppy mill bred Great Dane.

Not only is viewing pornography extremely taboo it’s also not harmful but and perfectly normal.

According to a survey conducted by University of Sydney’s Graduate Program in Sexual Health, 30 percent of women and 70 percent of men watch online porn- meaning you’re not the only one. Unfortunately, due to the explicit and uncomfortable nature of the topic these results are probably lower than what anyone could estimate and it’s sad.

It’s depressing to think that in a country where our freedoms are expressed so openly it’s still unacceptable to speak willingly about sex and our growing propensity towards all things sexual, including erotica.

Yet, in a country that is so historically Christian, it’s not so surprising that our Bible Belt culture is holding us so tightly by the belt. According to the passage Matt. 5:27-28, -which states,“everyone who looks on a woman to lust for her has committed adultery with her already in his heart." - any lustful viewing of women is wrong. But is it equally wrong for a woman to lust after a man? The Bible may imply a resounding yes but what about our society?

There’s this radiating idea that women don’t watch porn because we think it’s disgusting - but it’s just that, an idea.

And it comes from this belief that women who watch porn are degrading their own gender - that there’s this tight rope connecting the porn industry to human trafficking making it automatically inhuman for any creature to enjoy explicit videos ever again.

And to some extent this is true, we create this demand for sex with children and that’s what trafficking supplies - but women and men need to take equal responsibility for what they’re enjoying.

Men and Women alike need to search for porn which doesn’t degrade women and exploit children, creating a demand for explicit material which is both gender and sex positive.

According to Jessica Allain, a Senior majoring in English, “ Sexuality is a hot topic for our culture, especially when there is nowhere near enough sexual education. Because our country has not created an honest discourse about the truths about sex, the stigmas stay in place that women are the rulers of Virgintown, who cannot possibly want to openly talk about or have sex and men are the ravenous cavemen who can’t keep their hand out of their pants long enough to form a thought. We all need to be honest with ourselves and realize those extremes are not the norm.”

And one way we can do this is by enjoying our porn with our eyes open, open to the idea that this industry is full of actors with beautifully toned bodies we will not be able to achieve, open to the idea that certain videos are ethically disturbing but also that the general practice is perfectly healthy.

Quoted by Psychology Today was a survey conducted by Gert Martin Hald and Neil M. Malamuth authors of the 2008 paper titled Self-Perceived Effects of Pornographic Consumption. Their survey of 688 Danish men and women “found that respondents construed the viewing of hardcore pornography as beneficial to their sex lives, their attitudes towards sex, their perceptions and attitudes towards members of the opposite sex, toward life in general, and over all.”

And while we live in a culture and a society that it so against these notions of sexuality it is important to realize that having been born into this world as very sexual beings, our appetite for the explicit will and should be fed one way or another.


Buddhist Temple and peaceful hills: My experience being mindful September 16, 2011

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I’ve wanted to write about everything and anything I’ve been experiencing since I got back to college but it just doesn’t seem like there’s ever any time for anything. Between homework and trying to keep tabs with people at home, forging new relationships and just experimenting time to yourself is hard to come by. It’s almost as if I get nothing from my experiences with others but a longing for solidarity and nothing from solidarity without the longing for others but no matter what I decide there is one constant-I’m always tired.

I’m always tired and I’m always thinking, analyzing, making silly mistakes and the like, yet, I don’t want to be. I don’t want to be the girl who didn’t do or did too much in college I don’t want to regret anything but I also want to be an exceptionally good person. However, that’s near impossible when all I ever feel like doing is screaming and crying my lungs out. That’s the unfortunate thing about university- it never takes a break and the stress is sometimes more than I can take that’s why I meditate.

Now you may be thinking I can’t meditate I wouldn’t be able to focus but you don’t know if you don’t try and some things you just have to try a few times before you understand.

With meditation it’s all about the willingness to extend your mind beyond your thoughts or rather to think about nothing and it’s hard but it’s also terribly easy. As I write this piece for example it’s 1 in the morning and I’m not really thinking as I write- my mind is clear but it’s not as peaceful as when I do it on purpose.

Something about sitting legs crossed, back straight, fingers in the meditation position(promotes concentration) helps me to relieve my stress, the key is to think of your breathing and focus your thoughts. It doesn’t happen at first- your mind drifts and falls into the little cracks that are distraction yet as you gain just a moment of freedom you realize how special it is.

In my case after months of practicing I felt I was ready to join a group of like minded people, people promoting peace and love for all sentient beings- that’s why I went to the Buddhist Temple of Baton Rouge. Set on a beautiful 5 acre plot of land I arrived with my two friends during a brilliant thunderstorm. Between the rain hitting the roof of the building, the gorgeous deep wood floors, the seat cushion and the thirty minutes of meditation I was the most relaxed I had been in awhile. Just being able to tell yourself this time is for me, this time is not for thinking this time is for the exact opposite and this time no matter what it may be is time for me to not worry or stress but rather not think as an effort to take care of myself.

And this concept in itself of being able to give back to ourselves in our American culture is both very rampant and very rare especially in the case of women. It seems with the addition of technology we’ve allowed ourselves to be treated to alone time which we consider great. However, the issue with staying so chronically attached to our technology is that it actually takes away from the idea of us as sentient beings. This idea that we’re happier together, happier interacting it takes away from our longing to care for one another. And it’s after you’ve cared for so many people, for the environment, for the world as a whole that you truly deserve to take care of yourself and it doesn’t have to be that you do something huge. It’s just that you’re trying to be a good person and whoever is trying to be a good person can’t do so without just being. That’s why the art of meditation is so important it brings out this concept of just being and letting our souls settle as they should.

It’s like they’re utterly restless and we don’t help ourselves by running ragged. But we all deserve some time to ourselves to properly melt away the stress and that’s exactly what I intend to do tonight after I’m done studying, done writing about pornography for the paper, done with everything- I will be taking time out so that I’m not done with myself.

Because I miss me and I miss the person I was before I took myself for granted. It’s time to get back to her just like it’s time for you to get back to who you were when you were happy.