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Gender Excuses are inexcusable February 11, 2013

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They didn’t call me back, they didn’t pick me up- they stood me up. And the excuse, the only sentiment I receive is, “ they’re guys you know how they are,”. Well in all honesty, yes I do realize that they have the genitals pertaining to that of the male specimen- however I was shocked to discover that the acceptance of this tiny member also involved pure stupidity. Apparently, having a penis entitles you to act however you’d like without regard to anyone else’s feelings and when women are around you- oh my they simply can’t stand the power of the phallus- they faint at it’s mere mention. The ladies are unable to even form coherent sentences in front of you without gazing, eagerly at your tiny pant temptress.

If you do something illegal there’s no need to explain to the cop about your lack of judgment or impaired thought, all you need to do is unzip your pants and share the secret that is the penis.

I’m sorry is this making any one else queasy?

Perhaps men and women are inherently different in how we think but regardless of this fact the use of such phrases as, “ he’s a guy,” adulterates everything feminism and gender equality have worked to eliminate. By making it so that men are incapable of making their own knowledgeable decisions we continue to perpetuate the victim blaming in our society- making it so that only half of the population really has to care. Women obviously, in making up for the lack of knowledge and care men hold onto – have to worry about everything. We have to dress so that Goodness forbid we shall trigger that animalistic behavior and get raped. Dear me, did he really say that? It must be my fault I shouldn’t have led him on.


I’m sorry but NO!

I refuse absolutely, undeniably refuse to take responsibility for the other half of our species. I have enough to deal with by myself and I do NOT need to nor do I have the time to say, “ oh well, let me put on some longer pants, or try not taking everything they say so personally- they’re guys they didn’t mean it.” No, a “guy” isn’t an excuse to do whatever you feel in your bones- your gender is a social construct that’s made to be questioned.

Gender is a concept that we’ve created and as such it means what we’ve decided it means. In contrast, it also means that we as the public determine what gender isn’t.

I for one, have decided that gender is NOT an excuse and I, as an empowered woman, refuse to listen to it as an excuse anymore.


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