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The two cheeks to Ass grabbing February 21, 2014

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There’s nothing more frustrating than the constant guarding of your ass- in a literal sense. As a woman there have been plenty of instances in my life when my ass has been grabbed, by strangers on the street, by acquaintances and even by friends who know better; similarly there have been countless arguments and internal conflicts about this seemingly unimportant topic. But the reality is that the grabbing of one’s body without their permission is more than just a simple touch- it’s about entitlement, marking of territory, predation, sexualization and staking claim.

But the reality is that there are still multiple cheeks to this topic. The first may be a little depressing but it’s one of the most realistic ones- when you’re body is getting grabbed and pawed at from all sides- from strangers, friends who like the way she looks-no matter what you say- you get sick of defending her. You detach and let it go. There’s a mental disconnect from the body I find so delicate because it gives me a sense of control I don’t feel like I have in the real world. I’ve been grabbed, kissed and pursued but I didn’t want it, or ask for it, She’s beautiful, you see it and all you think of is sex but she’s more than sex… She’s passion lay deep in her curves, she’s intelligence in her thighs and adventure in her eyes- she’s determined in her shoulders, persistent in her neck and delicate in her nostrils; it’s not what you longed to feel- all you wanted was a night and while sex is fine- don’t forget about her depths, never let them win.

The second side of this story is that part of me enjoys the adornment of my body-there’s the taboo but I’m like a cat and much to my intellectual displeasure part of me likes it. I like it when girls do it more though because it feels less predatory- there’s a difference between objectification and worship; between admiration and entitlement and I like to think it’s the worship that brings pleasure more so than the third party objectification.

Now the third and final side of this story is probably the most pressing and prevalent within my psyche. The act of touching someone without their permission is like laying claim to their skin-it has to be right? It’s an act of entitlement and privilege to which your significant other often feels they deserve a stake in and yet these territorial battles for my “goods” leave ME realizing my physical worth to society is to sit there and look fabulous while the boys fight over me. But the reality is that in a realm of child like behavior I’m not one who has the luxury of wasting time and waiting for someone to make up their mind when it’s not theirs to be made in the first place. And while fabulousity is my right and I can do quite for myself- everyone thinks it’s for them but it’s not. This sacred land your attempting to fight over is already taken so put your tiny weapons away and retreat from my curves…promptly please…


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