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Legalizing Prostitution: The issue at large July 23, 2009

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When most women look at prostitutes we don’t know what to think. Should we support women who are sexually active and happy about it? Should we allow them to live their lives when it negatively influences others and thus, grant them the protection and watch of the government on their jobs?

Personally, I’m split. On the one hand these women deserve the protection that their jobs- whether they chose them or not- do not give them. However, on the other hand by legalizing prostitution we are saying that it’s alright with this country that you want to make money by selling your body. While it protects those that chose to become prostitutes- legalizing this job does not protect those who are being trafficked. Another problem though, is that our law enforcement officers are having trouble enough keeping track of the crimes already taking place; will they have the ability, the work force to track down and maintain these crimes as well? I think not.

It may bring them more to the surface but it could also have the opposite effect. In addition the legalization of prostitution may allow welfare programs to tell the unemployed that prostitution is an option.

It’s best to look at it from both perspectives.


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