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Up July 14, 2009

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Pixar is really moving mountains with its underlying messages in the recently released Up. A film about an elderly man who has lost not only his wife but also his freedom- Up briefly exposes the tragedy that our elderly see when they are treated no longer as humans but as animals. Nursing homes and Medicare can only go so far –it’s time for our society to stop treating the elderly as dispensable. Rather than acting as if only disgust comes with age, only wrinkles and crow’s feet; we should consider the knowledge that our elders hold onto.

Sewing, crocheting and old war stories are the moments when I realize that some day I hope to be able to pass my memories onto a willing ear. Perhaps not a child or even a grand child, but just someone who is open to listening to a human being who has undergone the happiness and tragedies that he or she will also undergo.  Praise should be given to a film that expresses with such bluntness what is off in our society.  


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