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Girlicious/ Feminism and the media May 15, 2008

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21.jpgLetter To Geffen Records

It seems that in the last decade and through the media women have slowly lost what we’ve worked so hard for; our respect.

Not too long ago women such as Betty Friedan and Ann Simonton worked so that women were viewed in a different light. Friedan, author of The Feminine Mystique, broke through to the stereotypical house wife while Simonton an ex-model rebelled against being viewed as a piece of meat.

One worked for self-respect, the other for respect from fellow beings. However, both seem to have ben lost. Self-respect, something of the utmost importance has been drowned by the imagesof fake, airbrushed women seen often on magazine covers and billboards. Girls now think they must be a certain size and a certain weight to be pretty making it so that only 23% of young women respect themselves enough to say I’m fine the way I am.

And respect from others? It’s been diminished as more and more TV shows perceive women as either easy, disposable or sometimes both. The media is effective and as the ideas of women fitting these roles becomesĀ  more and more obvious, the more the media has made it so that women are once again second class citizens.

My campaign is a starting point to turn the way women are seen around, to stop the objectifying of our bodies and to make it so that we are once again respectable. I’ve done this by beginning a boycott against Girlicious and if you watch this video you’ll understand why.

Attached I’ve written a letter with the address to the band’s primary supporter. Print it out sign it and send it. This campaign is also credible it’s backed by Ann Simonton’s organization Media Watch, she’s going to be helping me pass out fliers and letters next week.


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